Two Tesla companies did not have the price of bitcoin to fall by 35% a week

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original title: two Tesla company has no bitcoin price for a week to fall 35%


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the price of bitcoin in the last week is like a roller coaster. Of course, it's a roller coaster. In the last 24 hours, the price of bitcoin shook between $12800 and $14500, to $13977.7 before the deadline. If we relaxed the timeline, the price of bitcoin dropped from near $20000 in December 18th to the lowest point of 13000, or nearly 35%. The total market value has been reduced by 110 billion US dollars from the recent high point, which is two times the market value of Tesla.

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and bitcoin similar digital currencies, the current market value of only second - bit Ethereum has risen sharply: up 8.62% to $749. Another notable feature is the new currency (XEM, the English New Economy Movement). It is an electronic currency, also a peer to peer platform, providing full services such as payment, information interaction, asset management and naming, etc., increasing by 17.47% in a day.


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had expected before the well-known hedge fund manager Michael Novoglatz bitcoin until the end of next year to reach $50 thousand (Michael Novogratz), originally planned to launch a focus on crypto currency hedge fund, but shelved plans on Friday, and warned that bitcoin may fall to $8000. "In my opinion, it looks like a short peak." Graz novol wrote on Twitter on Friday, "we launched a last week delayed absorption of external capital hedge fund investors, because we don't love the new investors in the face of market conditions. This does not mean that we are not so good at encrypting the money market. " "The bull market is not over yet, it's just a pause."

has a variety of speculation: the reason for the decline in early or too large, short-term correction is a normal phenomenon; Christmas and Chinese New Year is approaching, to temporarily leave the big money; "Moby Dick" hunting "krill were harvested"...... It is reported that Trump's tax reform plan may be one of the push hands of the price drop in bitcoin. In the past, through the same asset exchange act, the encrypted currency investors replaced an encrypted currency into another currency, thereby exempt capital gains tax, and could pay long-term capital gains tax at a lower tax rate when capital was sold. It has been a consensus in the past few years to use this strategy in the field of encrypted money, but this bill is going to restrict the application of terms to the real estate sector. The possible introduction of the "advanced first out" accounting standards will make the tax discount disappear, which is bad news for the money holders.


also said that the drop in the price of bitcoin may be the best and price return of bitcoin futures. On the day of bitcoin futures listing, Leo Melamed, chairman of CME, said in a media interview that CME will tame bitcoin, so that bitcoin is not wild and crazy, and that bitcoin should be tamed as a regular trading tool. At least, at least, his purpose has been achieved. The price of CME's bitcoin in recent months has fallen to 13900 US dollars, and the price range has reached 1430 US dollars. It can be said that the price has gone down since the on-line time, and the futures contract of CBOE futures has been 13950 dollars in recent months or 1340 dollars.


data source: CME official network

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very interesting that bitcoin is now walking on the road, was "amnesty" after the bitcoin futures, two bitcoin fund landed on the NYSE, a (ProShares Bitcoin ETF) returns from bitcoin prices rose, a (ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF) from the price fall return. Xiao Lei, a senior bitcoin scholar, said that in the current global digital money trading field, the main valuation currencies, besides the US dollar and the sovereign currencies of all countries, were born with a token called "USDT", which is 1:1. Does this look similar to the Bretton Woods system? A global digital currency trading system, which is formed in dollar terms, can ensure that the dominant countries use the fluctuation of exchange rate of digital currency and US dollar to reconfigure and allocate the global credit resources of the currency.

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