Jia Yueting financing plan exposure: see how he relies on two PPT financing 15 billion

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original title: Jia Yueting financing plan exposure: see how he relies on two copies of PPT to finance 15 billion

tiger sniffing note: originally the resourceful Jia Yueting can come down to hide in the United States did not dare to come back, but also a year ago everyone did not think. I say "poor financing" for his music as sports received 8 billion yuan B round of financing. Now, most of the stories in his financing plan are annihilated by the music crisis. This paper shows the Flapjack king Jia Yueting and PPT show music as sports financing plan.

, as well as Jabe's starting point for the collapse of the Empire: the financing plan for the music car. Faraday's future (FF) is now the soul of JJT, and perhaps one day, even FF's financing plan will be out of the world.

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false to true and false, to paraphrase Jia advent.

, though, the financing of FF is not going well. But does not affect the release of foreign financing tone.

12, there is not a clear source of news that Jia Yueting's Faraday has melted 1 billion US in the future, and the protagonist is Richard Lee. In December 7th, surging news found Richard Lee, and the other side denied it. In December 21st, it was a similar way of news dissemination. The protagonist was replaced by Thailand national oil company (PTT). In December 25th, it was rushes to find Thailand oil. The other party also denied it.

, thus forming the "Jia Xi trap" of music as the middle level said: whether Jia Yueting's FF financing is successful or not, too many false news has hurt his integrity. This time, even if successful financing cannot be said to be a "Big Dipper" results, it is proved that the previously released are false news, this has let Jia Yueting as an entrepreneur from collapse.

music sports is in the same dilemma, but it shouldn't have been so.

2016, founded in 03 months of 2014, music sports completed B round financing, valuation 21 billion 500 million.

Sports CEO leizhen music as a sword that finds a favorite Ningbo ecological park under the fund, get thousands of acres of land several billion in cash, part of the old and new shareholders also plans to invest holdings of shares, the company from the copyright content transformation operators become sports town development and operators.

but the transaction is slow to complete, which makes the outside world doubting that it may be just a single play. The capital crisis of music and sports is due to Jia Yue Ting's lending of 4 billion B round of sports, which was launched by Liyue sports shareholders in Beijing third intermediate people's court this month.

How can

according to the expectation of the document, the sports plan is completed in 2018. At that rate of 6.5, the market value would be up to $13 billion 200 million.

to make a rough benchmark, according to the Forbes annual sports team value list, 2015 the world's highest valuation of Real Madrid, the valuation of about $3 billion 260 million, $3 billion 200 million, Dallas Cowboys team NFL New York Yankees $3 billion 200 million, $3 billion 160 million, $3 billion 100 million Barcelona united.

four years, music sports > Real Madrid + New York Yankees + Barcelona + Manchester United.