3 times a year to add capital to 8 billion capital to make money enough to make money

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recently, the CBRC approved the Gitzo Consumer Finance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Gitzo) new capital plan. After the capital increase, the registered capital of the company Gitzo increased from 7 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan.

In the second half of

2017, with the cash - Loan high - profile profit making way, the supervision of the consumer finance industry is increasingly harsh. The strict control lever has become one of the major supervision points. Many institutions have increased their capital in this context.

12 18, ant gold clothing for the flag of the flower chant, by the two big products in the network small loan company for 8 billion 200 million yuan to increase capital. Ant gold clothing claims that increasing the registered capital is to further satisfy the ant's ability to serve small customers and satisfy consumers' reasonable consumption financial needs.

and practitioners have hit the nail on the head, pointing out that the current capital increase plan is undoubtedly to plug up public opinion, and to further meet regulatory requirements under the background of strict regulation.

12 8, P2P network lending risk leading group of special rectification work office issued "micro credit company network small loan business risk rectification plan", which requires thorough investigation of the transfer of credit assets, asset securitization and other financing.

in 2010 to enter the China Gitzo market, small consumer credit business flagship 3C scene stage for customers, has become the absolute big market segments of 100 billion yuan, business throughout the country 29 provinces, more than 300 city, the stock of more than 30 million customers.

entered the market after China, Gitzo business model has experienced a long time of continued losses, only in recent years began to profit.

according to the business performance in 2017 Gitzo earnings, philippines. At the end of the three quarter of 2017, Gitzo Chinese the number of active users reached 16 million 864 thousand, an increase of more than 5, net profit reached 118 million yuan. At the same time, the expansion of the channel under the line is rapid, and the speed of POS laying is obviously increased.

has good performance in Chinese market, home credit's earnings figures also appear greatly improved. The first three quarters of 2017, Gitzo Czech PPF group's corporate profits reached 230 million euros, an increase of nearly 8.

In 2017

business China Gitzo

attached document full text:

China Banking Regulatory Commission, Tianjin regulatory agency

Jin, yin and Yin [2017] 347

Tianjin Banking Regulatory Bureau on home credit consumer finance Co. Ltd.

adds the approval of the registered capital to the

Home Credit Consumer Finance Co. Ltd.:

your company "home credit consumer finance company limited on the increase of application of registered capital" (issued 2017 Gitzo No. 152) and the relevant materials have been received. After audit, the following are the following:

, your company is approved to increase the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, the funds allocated by the shareholders of the company, your home credit group. After increasing the capital, the registered capital of your company is increased from RMB 7 billion yuan to RMB 8 billion yuan.

two, your company should complete the legal change procedures within 6 months from the date of approval and submit the relevant changes to our bureau. If your company does not change within the prescribed time limit, the administrative license will be automatically invalidated.

this again.

2017 December 25th

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