The death of the Jedi: the five major measures to strike the outside, the national costume is to create the brilliant rhythm of the year's LOL.

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original title: Jedi survival: the five major measures to combat plug-in, national clothing is to create the brilliant LOL rhythm of the year


"Jedi survival" since the sale, in addition to the popular game experience, people know the most or the outside of the game. The perspective of traditional FPS Games has no rear seat in the Jedi survival of the immortal army, only Pediatrics pediatrics. In a few months one after another "lightning man", "road fly" and other special external hanging, let the ordinary players feel the game is not easy. So, a lot of people think this game is likely to go down.

but since the Tencent officially announced the copyright of the national clothing agency for "Jedi life" in November 22nd, it has been seen that the game has fueled new hopes. Though some of the previous Tencent games are not perfect in the aspect of anti plug-ins, they also deserve to be conscientious. In December 1st, they declared that they would spare no efforts to fight plug-ins, which is a very practical commitment. After all, the IP is so big for the survival of the Jedi. It can bring great economic benefits to the company. Although the original LOL was not optimistic at the beginning, but now it has also gone out of eight years of glory.

's national suit, the Tencent has taken out five measures to strike out from each dimension. The company set up anti plug group, the existing TP anti cheat protection, coupled with strict reporting mechanism to punish online basic do so. But the biggest point of these five moves is the shocking action that the criminal strikes. In the future, the Tencent will cooperate with the police to combat the black production line and eliminate it directly from the source.

from Tencent's actions, the Jew's survival service is apparently no longer a simple agent of terminal tour, but a big step for Tencent to re plan and build its own game industry in the future. When the Jedi is completely localized, there will be more games introduced and surrogate in the future. Wegame will also become the top and even world-class game platform in the world. That's why Tencent attaches much importance to this Jedi survival agent.

anyway, it's obvious that the game environment will become better and better in the future. Next, we'll see how Tencent can use its magic to make the Jedi life more attractive. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 绝地求生:五大举措打击外挂,国服这是要再创当年LOL辉煌的节奏
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