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original title: Zhou Pengan: cover your mouth and nose with wet toilet paper, the difficulty is a little

Zhou Pengan: cover your mouth and nose with wet toilet paper, the difficulty is a bit

12 month 26 days, surging news "Hubei" nail gun murder suspect detention wipes has killed 2 people Dutch act "was reported in the paper, using a nail gun to kill two people suspected to fine wave guards in Tongcheng County Hubei province killed Dutch act. To the brother of fine wave, because of the fine wave is a criminal offender, was held alone. At 3 o'clock in the morning, he came to cover his mouth and nose with damp toilet paper. At 4 o'clock, the detention house staff found that he died and went to the prison to see it.


human knowledge of life be limited to scientific research institutions and scientists? Can we get data on citizens with freedom? in China's prison, the detention center of all kinds of death, is also worth the research institutions to pay attention to the precious resources, should be cherished.

China to the progress of science, the author collected nearly ten years China prisons, detention, detention of various droller deaths, free dedication to human life is devoted to the study of scientific research:

sleep: in 2008, Wang Guochun, a Jilin man, was arrested by the police. 6 days later, his family was told that the king died naturally in his sleep. Wang Guochun died so calm, do not know because he is a dream or a nightmare to death?

hide and seek death: in February 2009, Li Qiaoming died in the detention center of Jinning County Public Security Bureau in Yunnan. The police said they had been hurt by playing hide and seek with their prison friends. Because of the outbreak of public opinion, that is after the jailhouse bully actingup.

fall bed death: in March 24th 2009, 20 year old Fujian young Wen Longhui died in the second detention center of Fuzhou, Fujian province. The guard calls it a sudden death or pathological cause because of falling from the bed. It's really too careless to sleep without safety.

nightmares death: in March 27th 2009, the Jiujiang guard, Jiangxi, said that Li Wenyan, a man of Wuhan, died suddenly after a nightmare at midnight. this nightmare is well explained! Li Wenyan seems to be a dream.

pregnancy death: 2009 year in November, Inner Mongolia 19 years old girl Chi red in the treatment by the death, said she was "the death of reeducation through labor bureau of ectopic pregnancy. The Institute for labor education will not accept pregnant women in the future.

shoelace hanging dead: 2009 in December, the death suspects Xing Kun in Yunnan Province, Kunming city on the South police station, police said he killed tongkai handcuffs with notes, carrying with lace hanging. notes tongkai handcuffs, with lace hanging, this case is very valuable.

dead water: 2010 in February, a young Henan died in the Lushan Mountain County Detention Center, the police said he was arraigned in boiling water to drink sudden death. This is also of great research value.

wash his face dead: in April, 2010, a man in custody in Gongan County, Jingzhou, Hubei, died in the County Detention Center. Police said the man drowned in the pool sink. , which seems to be the master of "cover the mouth and nose with wet toilet paper", is more worth studying.

In addition,

: the skeletons of dead death, death, vomiting shower bathing dead, dead, dead, mad the sleeping position against the wall dead, death, death, exciting wrestling toilet death, insufficient evidence of death, this is not the only one.

in Hubei Province, besides the "face washing" and the new death mode of suicide with wet toilet paper, there have been "exploratory suicide". six years ago, Hubei Province, Gongan County discipline inspection cadres Xie Yexin died mysteriously in the office, a total of 11 stab wounds on the body. Of which: 4 stab wounds on the neck of the neck; a wound 17 cm long, the trachea and throat had been cut to 4; chest abdominal wounds, deep chest to his left wrist; 2 knife; 1 right wrist knife, right wrist tendon, blood vessel was cut. Police said Xie industry suffered multiple stab wounds, fatal injuries to the suprasternal fossa, other injuries were tentative injury Dutch act.

, but the family members of the dead could not accept "suicide". They thought they had been cut and their trachea and throat were cut off, so they could not finish suicide.

is interesting to say that it seems to have been recognized by the relatives of the deceased, but the degree of recognition of netizens is very low. Tencent micro-blog several netizens' message is more representative:

was seen in the movie with wet toilet paper covering the mouth and nose, but must be tied in the limbs, and the outsider added wet toilet paper to him.


From: 周蓬安:用湿卫生纸捂口鼻自杀,难度有点大
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