The middle price of the RMB is up 267 points to create a new high for three months

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original title: the intermediate price of RMB is up 267 points to create a new high of

since three months.

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December 26 December 26th, the RMB exchange rate to the dollar in the middle price rise 267 basis points, 6.5416, for the new high since September 13th.

In the previous day of

, the middle price of the renminbi was 6.5683 against the dollar, 6.5404 at 16:30 on the shore, and 6.5408 at 23:30 at 23:30.

recently issued a report on Xingye research, saying that because of the limited appreciation space of the purchase of foreign exchange market and the fact that the US and China spreads did not clearly change direction, the current RMB exchange rate may not be "real" breakthrough. At present, after the movement of the concussion center, it is possible to wait for a clearer signal to make a breakthrough.

Huatai futures believes that the RMB has rebounded against the US dollar, indicating that capital outflow pressure is generally controllable, and that RMB's short-term pressure is controllable, which is good for liquidity in the stock market. (in the new APP return to the Sohu, see more


From: 人民币中间价上调267点 再创三个月以来新高
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