This food is the "mother's face" of the people of Xiamen! Netizen evaluation: eat it, give me Kaneshiro Takeshi do not change!

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original title: this food is the "mother's face" of the people of Xiamen! Netizen evaluation: eat it, give me Kaneshiro Takeshi do not change!

talking about the native pasta

of Xiamen

the first reaction of many people is noodles with satay sauce

, however, have you ever eaten shrimp noodle ?

shrimp noodles may be the more native people's favorite ancient taste

"Mama noodles"

shrimp noodle

Kaoshanchishan, saying, of course is to eat seafood in Xiamen. Eat a bowl of noodles to eat is also natural seafood noodles seafood noodles, especially in the face of the most famous shrimp. And Xiamen, as well as the "breakfast aristocrat".

is not only popular with local people, but other tourists are also fascinated by the taste. a tourist writes in a travel note:

Xiamen shrimp surface is in the other city had come back and never heard of before, miss crazy. Face the sea, eat a bowl of shrimp noodles, give me Kaneshiro Takeshi do not change ah!

the mother of Xiamen people

shrimp noodles for old Xiamen people, is a bowl of "Mama taste" snack.

in shrimp surface soup rich taste, aroma, still floating above a thick layer of Chili oil, the color is bright and shrimp head and specific ingredients fine fire boiled, original flavor taste, rich Fang immeasurably vast difference of shrimp, sweet incense on the lip cavity tongue River, but not see the figure of shrimp, so veiled, but it is to let people miss the beauty.

The main ingredient is shrimp and shrimp

, but the beauty is not in shrimp, nor in the face, and lies in the soup. The practice is different, but are required to cook many hours before the strong a hundred meters fragrance soup.

is in the south of Fujian Province, and the custom of eating prawns on summer days. It is said that due to the "shrimp" and "summer" Taiwanese homonym, and shrimp cooked into the auspicious red, as an expression of good wishes ill health in summer.

"Net red"


15 years

A net friend of

comments on a public comment, so it tastes a bowl of shrimp noodle:

along the bustling city of eight morning people walking around here, small roadside Menlian, table to the sidewalk, no vacancy, little sign shrimp noodles, a bowl of super heavy fish, fresh Q shells, absorbing the fresh shrimp meat, the taste plump. Gluten, clip up will slip......

, a shrimp noodle shop

may be one of the few "net red"

in Xiamen


it is hidden in the city of 15 years between the building, no gorgeous decoration, no front to meet the service, no more to eat a return of preferential activities... Through the streets and streets, through this cheap and tasty food, we slowly gained fame and become a tasty and tasty taste for Xiamen people and other tourists to come to Xiamen.

about how to make shrimp noodles, said Hou Mingyue, the boss, "it looks very simple, but it's very deep." Do not have to say that the soup of prawns, hot things, how many minutes? A few mature, can be the result of the experiment, you think to take a fish to eat, in fact, learning is big!

Hou Yueming's own shrimp noodle, the time is not long, fame has long been spread to the sea, the Moon said that even Singapore, Malaysia have people to report shrimp noodles.

at eleven noon, the store was full of people, on the aisle at the door of the store, and several tables were put on it. Hou Yueming said, for so many years, the old customers have come to a wave.

From: 这款美食是厦门人的“妈妈面”!网友评价:吃碗它,给我金城武都不换!
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