Mafengwo museum next line and one week before closing, but it happened on Christmas Eve in advance to 6 will be closed?!

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original title: mafengwo museum next line and one week before closing, but it happened on Christmas Eve in advance to 6 will be closed?!

mafengwo first line museum around the world # Raiders network # Redwall event, I believe that everyone has had the experience, now are beginning to take the number of admission!

finally it's the day. Let's let the bee be checked in and say something about their experience, ~

@ mafengwo user:

Shan small sheep

a solemn introduction to our four Party group, ~

, that is going out of the peace night society.

Gemini Say: team face value, minimum age for sale

Kimushi Nanako: the team is funny and is called to open the future restaurant owner

of the whole potato Restaurant

Pisces sheep and sheep: nothing in the team... With a mixed drink of heart

Pisces water: a self timer in a team, a self timer will be bound, self demanding thin star

the first step is to arrive at the Christmas Cottage signature, to tell the world: This is our house, you can get jealous...

dishes and a group of say, ~

was pleased with

I and the water and water group, two Pisces, after the precision is equivalent to four people, lively...

the first task is to find the corresponding keywords that photo photo wall, witty as us, again whispered while observing the staff look, when it comes to "wing wall", the staff of a small stretch of the brow to moment could not too obvious, I and the water to find the net red photo.

we got the first inning award badge, and the staff also gave us marshmies in the enigma of our enigma. Water and water so open to eat up, ah to feed the pose, your idol burden quickly picked up.

finished the photo, and also received second tasks: find a shop, read three, and match the right equipment for the other team, and of course, take a picture of concave shape.

white shoes, white shoes and her because the ride is very supportive, a little girl of wind.

finish this link we finally got the last task of the task card, that is to find a flamingo billboard photo. After finding a circle, it was found that the brand was in front of the Christmas House. It was a victory in front of the house.

walked a circle, finally can go back to the cabin rest and take a picture of the triumph of the two people.