The time of the main PVE animation onmyoji hellspawn release skills

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original title: onmyoji PVE hellspawn animation time release skills list

PVE animation time hellspawn release skills list


data are listed in this paper with 2 speed (lower left corner gear for standard

* 2)
  • about the impact on the animation time hellspawn stations


, some skills are released with ballistic trajectory, which will result in the change of animation time with the position of both sides of the enemy and the size of the battle scene map.

in simple terms, the skill, the release of more far from the target, the greater the battle scene, an enemy unit amount is more, more likely to cause a longer time (in the animation, group BOSS). On the other hand, the time of animation is shorter (exploration, breakthrough, etc.).

, however, is negligible for most skills and can be ignored. Because there is no obvious ballistic skill more, even the ballistic is the main attack with faster animation speed.

is divided into two gear for a few related skills.

  • 1.* annotations indicate that the animation release time of the skill is significantly related to the position of both sides of the enemy and the enemy. There is a certain gap between different targets in different high complexity scenes. The difference between the different targets in the middle and low complexity scene is minimal.

  • The
  • 2.** annotation indicates that the animation release time of the skill is very related to the position of both sides of the enemy and the enemy. There is a big gap between different targets in different high complexity scenes, and there is a certain gap between the different targets in the middle and low complexity scenes. In fact, there is only one flower and bird

The following list of

animation time mainly by from left to right "station" of the 5+1 formation, opposite the target is less than or equal to 3 (Royal soul, geographical distance, stone ghost etc.) medium complexity scene represented as reference.

venom =0.8 sec

vertigo =0.8 sec

frozen =0.8 seconds

sleep =0.8 sec

lantern ghost Pugong =0.8 seconds safe Beijing most light lick blame

after the opening of the first unit to the first unit of the interval of =1.5 seconds

has long =2 interval span

secondsThe time interval between

adjacent units is =0. for one second. Note: the action units that will soon be launched are not seamless with the last unit. There will be 0. 1 second buffer interval automatically. If manual operation takes 0. seconds, the skill

will be selected.

clear star =1.8 sec

is a fine *=1.6 seconds


seconds clear

clear shield =1.3 second

bound =1.8 seconds


=1.25 s

Pugong seimei


the Dragon sways its tail.

= 1 Kagura blast

= 1

Pugong Kagura


seconds Kagura umbrella

=1.8 s

Kagura Purgatory

tanhoo Shenhuo =2.7 seconds

Boya open Panther =1.25 second

Boya common attack =1.25 sec

Boya shadow split =2.1 sec

three *=2.2

seconds bursts of Liberal Arts

Boya multiple arrow =1.8 sec

leopard eyes =1.35 sec

Panther co combat =1.5 sec

leopard's Black Panther co war delayed =0 sec

shadow split / Boya Panther cooperates with war to delay =0.45 seconds note: synergy delay time refers to the synergy of the team members who fight together to fight the second XX second, then the output part of the catch bird has an example


shadow body shooting delay =0.95 sec

bhiksuni predict =1.85 seconds

=1.6 s

bhiksuni starshards

bhiksuni star curse =1.5 seconds

=1.9 s

India bhiksuni divination

bhiksuni Pugong =1.25

  • has been reminded of an animated difference that has always been ignored, that is, the 4 Yin and Yang division has an opening animation

  • .

this time as part of the animation (this time into the battle screen to take gold from the Sorcer hellspawn stations to appear)

clear =1.7 seconds

you =1.7 seconds

Boya =2.1 sec


bhiksuni seconds

here as long as the lateral comparison of the 4 protagonists in the use of the reference will do.

as for the hellspawn came out to wait for many different time loading is not a copy, but also break across the data loading, the team also need to see your teammates equipment performance and speed is not discussed.

  • refers to all strokes marked only the type name

Ibaraki =2.35 seconds

= 1

Pugong Ibaraki

dog =2.6 seconds

Pugong = 1


/ =2.15 seconds

by Gu bird

aunting bird general attack / CO war =1.1 sec

won the war Niaoxie regardless of delay =0.6 seconds for example: the liberal shadow member present, big attack on the Tengu won the war, regardless of Niaoxie Pugong, at the same time also trigger avatar Avatar Pugong and take the panther. Then the first frame Pugong the Dai Tengu recorded as 0 seconds, regardless of the time for bird complete animation: 0.6+1.1=1.7 seconds; clone attack: 0.95+1.25=2.2 seconds; Panther Association War: 0.95+0.45+1.5=2.9 animation is the most complete set of long long 2.9 seconds. Due to the large dog finished animation in the second place, so the dog will be stunned looking on, such as the leopard flapping after a shot to the unit.

Yaodao Ji 6 knife *=4.45


5 knife =4 sec

4 knife =3.2 sec

2 knife =2.4 sec

1 knife =2 sec

Ji Yaodao Pugong =1.4


jade algae before 3 seconds

skills fell =2.05

jade algae before 3 + =3.35 seconds

FOXFIRE fell skills

jade algae before 2 FOXFIRE =1.9 seconds


jade algae before 2 seconds

fell =3.2 + FOXFIRE skills

jades before =1.3

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