Because the things hanging on the luggage, the Chinese flight home was arrested, narrowly escaped jail

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original title: because this thing hanging on the luggage, the Chinese flight home was arrested, narrowly escaped jail

and at the end of the year, a lot of buddy could not resist a flying heart, ready to fly to travel.

but is also a technical work by plane, in addition to pinch the time arrived at the airport terminal, early check-in seat selection, to the destination, one did not pay attention, may also be to take the wrong luggage.

it's no wonder who makes most people like to buy the black, blue, red suitcase of the burst. When these 99% suitcases on a turntable similarity, a "everyone to leave the game began.

has hung up a card on luggage. When the Chinese student was arrested by the police, he almost brought prison.

in order to prevent the wrong baggage, he also specifically labeled a detailed address and contact in his suitcase.


after an overnight flight, the plane landed at the destination, it was dragging luggage Mr. jubilant exit, strange things happened...

suddenly, a group of customs officers arrested him, and the police found a small package of drugs from his suitcase.

later, Mr. Shi was actively cooperating with the police investigation, but was almost sentenced to prison. The airport at, let Mr. now like to have me up.

, then, how did the drug go to the gentleman's luggage in the end?

according to airport personnel, such events have already taken place > more than once.

some criminals, specially selected those who write a detailed address and contact information of the trunk during the start, luggage at the airport, secretly put the drugs into the box, etc. these innocent passengers unknowingly with drug traffickers to pass smoothly, the luggage the address to find the door, take drugs.

in addition to being a scapegoat of a drug trafficker, too detailed baggage cards may also offer a thief to the family.

some children with no bad money, the suitcase is often RIMOVA, LV, knowing that it is possible to be transported by violence, nor is it painful.

in the eyes of the criminals, these suitcases are like small vaults that are waving to them:

"I am a tyrant, come and steal me!"

they are not satisfied with stealing goods in the trunk, and they will steal the whole house with their detailed addresses.

recently, Vancouver airport caught a thief, a crime as high as 4.

let terror, he had stolen a value of tens of thousands of dollars of luggage, and according to the above detailed address burglary.