6 steps to fix the thick and mellow silk stockings tea, it is so good to drink!

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a cup of milk tea, an egg, probably a lot of people first impression of the "Hongkong snack" ~ actually famous silk stockings and pantyhose and Never mind, but will be cooked with special white Black Tea bagfilter, in addition to filter out the tea, also can make the product more smooth. Over time, the color of the tea bag looks like silk stockings, so the name of "stockings milk tea" is called open.

winter, to a cup of hot milk tea, fragrant and mellow flavor lingers on the tongue, milk flavor and fragrance blend, lingering, think of happiness ~ today small nuts to teach you home-made stockings tea, the 6 step is to fix, is not really a little difficult! With the seasoning of red sugar, it is a cup of warm old milk tea. Come to

stockings milk tea


by wishes to be

. Main material.


, Black Tea


1 cans of milk flowers

. Ingredients.

water, 1200ml

. Practice.

1. 15 gram black tea and spare after washing tea. (the author uses glutinous rice red with light glutinous rice fragrance.)

2.1200 milliliters of water boil.

3. is a little bit for a little while black tea is best with a 80 degree of blisters. Braise for five or six minutes, and you can make a few minutes with a heavy taste, and cook for a few minutes without any addiction.

4. filter out the tea and pour into the light milk.

5. back and forth five or six times with two containers of tea, tea can make more smooth.

6. is flavored with sugar or honey before drinking, and can also be used with red sugar. The milk tea made in this way is very fragrant and good to drink


During the special period of Ms.

, it is suggested that the use of red sugar also help to eliminate abdominal pain. Remember to be good to yourself, to make yourself comfortable with a cup of hot milk tea.

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