Midday: nonferrous metals, brokerage led Dikaigaozou stock index rose 0.48%

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original title: midday: nonferrous metals, brokerage led Dikaigaozou stock index rose 0.48%


12 month 28Xinhuanet.com Beijing

on 28 December, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities to open lower in early trading today, intraday nonferrous metals, brokerage stocks, time shares, 5G shares subject concept driven by the Shanghai and Shenzhen two rapidly pulled back red.

as of midday, the stock index at 3291.63 points, up 0.48%, turnover of 105 billion 100 million yuan; Shenzhen component index reported 10988.5 points, up 0.71%, turnover of 115 billion 100 million yuan; the gem index reported 1750.22 points, up 0.29%, turnover of 30 billion yuan.

plate, colored, securities, media, resource stocks and other strong plates, gas supply, vitamins, insurance, oil and other plates fell.

stocks, Zhongfu industry, happy blue ocean, beautiful island new material more than 20 stocks among the biggest gainers, wo shares limit.

for cyclical stocks investment opportunities, Southwest Securities believes that near the end of the year, the majority of absolute return funds transfer positions to lock in gains demand leads to early or too large white horse leading collective adjustment, and cyclical stocks after adjustment, the valuation has been in a relatively low-lying land, with relatively high price.

some commodity prices are still in high position in the near future, and the prosperity is still high. Southwest Securities believe that the current futures prices are expected to maintain high, short-term and even upward momentum. In the medium term, the absolute demand of periodic goods will remain stable, which makes the price of periodic goods high and makes the profit of cyclical stocks continue.


cyclical shares are profitable or not, may be seen from the annual reports of relevant listed companies. According to the flush statistics, there are 12 prediction reports for the coal mining sector in 2017, and there are 43 and 11 non-ferrous metals and steel plates respectively, most of them are pre pleased. As an example of the coal mining plate, the 12 companies that have already predicted the annual report of 2017 are all prejoking in addition to a pre - reduction and one uncertainty. And the 11 listed companies that have predicted the performance of the annual report of the steel plate, in addition to one uncertain, the rest are prejoice. return to the Sohu, see more


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