Prices rebounded nearly 10% back over $15000 after the bitcoin fell

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original title: after the bitcoin fell, the price rebounded nearly 10% back to 15000 US dollars above the

PingWest products play December 26th report, according to Reuters news, the world's largest and most famous encryption currency bitcoin fell 22, nearly 30%, came to 10 thousand 1159.93 dollars. Although the end of the end of the rebound, still hit the deepest weekly decline in 2013. At 12:45 noon today, the price of Bitstamp on Luxemburg's bitcoin exchange shows that the price of bitcoin is around 15 thousand and 49 dollars, and its total market capitalization is nearly 260 billion dollars.

bitcoin at the beginning of this year has risen to about 20 times, from the original Bitstamp in less than $1000, soared to $19 thousand and 666 in 17 days, the other exchange traded more topped $20 thousand.

has learned that the supply of bitcoin is limited to 21 million, and this figure is expected to be reached around 2140. At present already released into the bitcoin system about 16 million 700 thousand, approximately every 10 minutes there will be 12.5 new bitcoin released by mining program. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 比特币下跌后价格反弹近10% 重回15000美元上方
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