Smallpox, closure, black eye, pores, whitening... How can these Millennium problems be solved by TA?

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original title: Acne printing, closing, black eye, pores, whitening... How can these Millennium problems be solved by TA?

on a variety of makeup remover is necessary, once under the condition of the skin is not good, but also red hot search, was forced to attack the keyboard man female star wish every day to eat sweets!

"mask kuangmo" Fan Bingbing more than 700 a year were down mask and at least one day sooner or later each piece!


and Liu Wen, is also a time deposited mask, or where there is the Victoria's secret show that smile, let people love the big cousin to

nuozha is almost every day to go out with a mask, sunscreen spray spray, hair care from head to toe.

but in fact, if not for almost 24 hours or 365 days, all the women who wear makeup will be burdening the skin every day. What do you do if you can't apply the mask to the free skin like a female star every day?

the answer is:

application! Pure! Dew!

application! Pure! Dew!

application! Pure! Dew!

there are a lot of people think water is just a toner, washing the face just wipe it, can have what effect?

it today to tell you, this is not what is powerful, but can moisturizing, whitening brighten, smooth, rough, closed to dilute the black eye acne pock...... To solve the problem of the Millennium hydrosol!

on some points to know is pure:

  • hydrosol is a small molecule natural,

  • water called "water oil", with

  • maintenance efficacy
  • hydrosol mixed use of double effect

  • adhere to the use of to see the effect!!

next I'll tell you how to solve the problem of the Millennium puzzle that bothers you!

whitening, light spot and yellowing

rose, orange flower

all said a white cover a hundred ugliness, but a yellow destroy all ah! Black can also look healthy and lively, but if the face is yellow, dark, the skin is good, then the United States also not long.


the beauty of Liyan Tong is recognized, before her I never believe a woman because the emperor, "the audience was not from the king, after watching her play Zhao Feiyan, I believe!

but the femme fatale, pale yellow and dark, beauty will be greatly reduced. (Shen Mengchen with a black edge on the side is better)

From: 痘印、闭口、黑眼圈、毛孔、美白……这些千年难题竟然靠TA能解决?!
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