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original title: 10 seconds! The shortest courtship in history: girlfriend said "agree to marry and marry"

in a hurry to work.

12, Mr. Zhao, in Jiangsu, asked his girlfriend to say" marry and marry. " The scene was laughing. Girlfriend boyfriend holding flowers said, kneeling suitor up up up up

courtship scene, girlfriend: "good up up up up"

the girlfriend said, "agree and agree, marry and marry"

his girlfriend was a nurse, who was in a hurry to go to work and made the 10 second courtship ceremony.

wear a ring for your girlfriend.

after the video fire, the girlfriend can not touch the mind: "this proposal is not special how the fire!" Net friend: because of you!

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From: 10秒!史上最短求婚:女友急上班连说“同意嫁嫁嫁”
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