What do you send for Christmas gifts? It's time to make the wreath loaf!

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original title: what do you send for Christmas gifts? It's time to make the wreath loaf!

when it comes to Christmas, Valentine's day, many girls will want to show their "virtuous" side - be looking forward to making up the cake carefully, to love the boys.

if running in the store, more time-consuming to choose a gift, is a kind of devotion, alone in the kitchen and a variety of ingredients machine battle for most of the day, the time spent only a lot more, but need patience and skill, once the face of failure when the day is depressed, especially before the arrival of mental pressure, often let the people choose practical collapse "almost nothing I do this? How easy it is to buy one. "

and the boys? The problem of buying gifts is usually solved in the way of buying. The same is the flowers, one order ahead of a Christmas box 299, intimate point will set her love doll flower, seems to be better price. Some people also choose the most popular ornamental cotton this year, a bunch of 399, because cotton's flower language is , "cherish the people around you", , and forget that the quilt in the house is not so expensive.

, of course, I have seen that in order to send flowers to my pollen sensitive girlfriend, I started trying to make rose shaped apple pie a week before Christmas, and cut a lot of apples just to pick out the best flower types. Finally, on Christmas day, choose the supermarket 39 yuan a, Japan imported varieties of apple red rose, only because the apple Pi as the rose, roll out the Apple Pie, just like a rose is beautiful, but it is more expensive than the rose, the.

, if no pollen is sensitive,

boy choose?

is said to have a wreath of love to the most loved one at Christmas. If hangs the wreath in the house, it will protect the loved one for a year's peace.

if there are boys who want to send flowers to girls this year, girls can take out their rattan or hangers, and educate them well, how to make a simple Christmas garland.

In his

with how to become a hanger wreath support, to study how the flowers and holly, mistletoe, winding up when making Christmas wreath, girls can into the kitchen, open the following this recipe, slowly make a Christmas wreath of cinnamon cranberry bread.

when he made a Christmas garland and exchanged with the girl's wreath bread, he would probably have a deeper understanding of the phrase "cherish the people around us". And then, I wish you a merry Christmas!



dough master.

high gluten flour 950g / almond powder (baked ripe) 50g / salt 18G /

sugar 100g / skim milk powder 30g / fresh yeast 25g /

ice water 550G / butter 80g / milk 100g

aggregate: 1903g


Cranberry dry 317g / apricot piece appropriate / cinnamon powder appropriate

almond butter.

225 grams of butter / sugar / egg 190 grams 200 grams of /

almond powder 225 grams / black rum 10 grams

aggregate: 850g

/ / Prepare

1, cranberry dry chopped.

2, the practice of almond butter.

(1) all the ingredients are ready.

the butter and icing sugar until, slow gradually add egg stir, add almond powder and mix well, then add rum and stir well.

, Cooking steps

step1 - < /

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