Liu Shishi becomes a girl? That's the best woman police

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original title: Liu Shishi hit a girl? That's the best makings

has shown a lot of new movies recently. There are Liu Shishi's and Deng Chao's "city lights of psychological sin". Liu Shishi is so shocked that you never see such a Liu Shishi.

"psychological crime" must be known to all, whether it is a play or a movie. This is a series of Remy series of criminal novel ~

and "city lights" psychological crime is last, tells the detective arrest timbers high IQ psycho killer story, right Deng Chao's square.

, and Liu Shishi plays a skilled female criminal police - Nan.

was a little surprised to see such Liu Shishi, and it was too cool!

Liu Shishi, a lady's image of a gentle and gentle lady in the past, is too subversive.

Liu Shishi himself also said the role was really different.

and in the film often see Liu Shishi's fight, many of which are Liu Shishi's own.

once was Liu Shishi scratches on his hand fell on the ground, she stood up and said nothing, continue to shoot a little squeamish.

's director's comment on Liu Shishi at that time was that he did all his own actions, no matter fighting games or skyscrapers, except for those highly specialized professional actions.

this time Liu Shishi is not only a big spot in image modeling, but also a strong action, it is really admired ~

like Liu Shishi?


about the Performing Arts

is not very well judged on Liu Shishi's movie Road, before telling the truth, but this time is definitely a breakthrough.

, such as "detective of no two", "five minutes before midnight", "embroidered spring knife", and so on, have not been very impressed.

I do not know what time from the beginning to love Liu Shishi, is the "Legend of Sword and Fairy 3" or "in Solanum scatterbrain a plum" in Yan Sanniang;

is the "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" or "woman in the yellow jersey in the O'Young startling step by step"......

only knew Liu Shishi appeared, the vision is very comfortable, like a beautiful poem Mulan like ~


about temperament

Liu Shishi's temperament is no one.

remember one time before Liu Shishi appeared on the scene of the award ceremony, an icy blue dress that was elegant and unable to bear tears when he won the prize.


awards site style is "wide belt" spirit trophy with deviation, but looking at the arm with filming scars, and his hands of the poem, can not help but have a heart, the first time found that static cry can be so beautiful.

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