Don't hit the bag, the bag in Italy, even the Fendi Prada should have its thigh!

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original title: not in the Italy hit the bag bag, even the Fendi Prada should have its thigh!

say the hottest bag in the two years, the lock box bag must be one. But do you know where the ancestor of the lock box bag is sacred?

the answer is to buy the brand you want Amway to give you today, Bertoni 1949

speaking of box bags, maybe the first reaction in your mind is LV. But on the history of Bertoni 1949 years than the LV package box is much longer.

> from the package, two brands of box bags are not very different. Is only a small box of Bertoni 1949 LV more than the small box handle, small box in the LV arm design is more complicated.

but from the visual effect, the two brands of box bags are quite different. LV box package is to old tone, can be said to be very expensive pressing, with gold hardware, looks more senior and playfully.

compared with the case of Bertoni 1949 package neither there is no pattern of excess color, come this year is very popular cold wind, so the design will reflect a low-key simple beauty.

looks like many bright colors in many brands, such as bright blue, emerald green, so that the color with strong visual impact is very difficult to match, so they rarely make these colors appear on their own bags. But at Bertoni 1949, all the colors you want can almost be found.

, especially in the past two years, is very hot inside and outside the collision. Bertoni 1949 used to fly 6 earlier. It can be said that this brand has played the most important role in geometry and color.

you can guess from its name. The brand was founded in 1949 by a man named Bertoni. Today, the brand born in Milan town has been inherited by the Bertoni family for three generations.

it has not yet been known to us, because Bertoni 1949 always insists on making use of the most traditional and complex Italy handicrafts to make bags, but such technology can not load large quantities like machines.

Bertoni 1949? Almost all of the people who have used the Bertoni 1949 packages say that they are as large as packages and small to hardware accessories.

Bertoni 1949 although usually own logo hidden in obscure corner, however, understand people as long as the package will be able to see what drilling processes and materials of this brand are particular.

sheepskin? No way! Only through

From: 不撞包|这个意大利的包包,连Fendi Prada都要抱它的大腿!
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