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original title: the doctor basked in cash and said "5500 yuan rebate today" was investigated


Jiangnan Metropolis Daily

today, there are fans in the second hospital of Nanchang City, a doctor named Gong surname on micro-blog for drug rebate

9 month 6 Japanese netizen posted a message


today also got 5500 yuan medicine kickbacks good fun, and can buy things, it's good to be a doctor, ha

9 9 month 9, the net friend continued to make a point of view


health reform, we have to turn over. It's great. Well, the more we go out, the higher our salary. Ha ha, my BMW car is coming.

involved friends in Nanchang second hospital doctor?


according to the micro-blog data of the net friendThe unit of


Department of general surgery, Second Hospital of Nanchang City,


also suntan work photos

many times in micro-blog

their work clothes are written with related words

has also been exposed to a photo of a patient in micro-blog,

Some of

's comments have caused disgust to query

net friend: you're burning

many netizens began to forward the spread of

and interrogate the behavior of this collection of drug rebates


is the man a doctor in the second hospital in Nanchang?

Jiangnan Jun verified the

hospital response: the Commission has been involved in the investigation of

according to the person in charge of the second hospital in Nanchang response to

is preliminarily verified by

the doctor is the anorectal doctor

of our hospital

has been sent to 120 standing point

our Academy of discipline has been involved in the investigation of

parties responded: no kickbacks are just fun

as of

before the press release

the net friend has deleted the previous release of kickbacks and other related information

and the response to the matter was


parties respond to

I have been in the hospital before the hospital first aid to work, engaged in 120 work, no drug kickback at all. As for my hair that micro-blog is pure joking, pranks, the picture is online Baidu search, no other meaning. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 医生晒大把现金照称“今天又领5500元回扣”被调查
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