Wonton bag, one hand 3 second package good, delicious not broken skin, one meal I can eat 50!

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original title: wonton such bag, single hand 3 seconds package, delicious no skin, one meal I can eat 50!

look at the hand speed of grandma in the breakfast shop, and I want to worship her as a teacher. Single hand paint package wonton! This method has simple steps, only three steps, one single hand! The skin is soft and cooked the ~


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package wonton


1. wonton skin on the hand, put in a proper amount of stuffing;


2. fingers slightly inward, so that the wonton naturally fold;


3. wonton skin edge with the hand gently squeeze on the package!



  • and not too hard, even if the visual edge can see the gap filling, etc. under the pot, not scattered.

  • save time and labor, pack more code in the box of quick freezing, when needed to boil it.


package wonton method but this bite up beyond count, not only the whole wonton crusty, especially suitable for the elderly children to eat! Fast packet method is learned, if stuffing tune well, it may not be so delicious wonton ~ regulating a variety of delicious fillings which offer!

fresh meat small wonton



minced meat, onion ginger, soy sauce, salt

sugar, oil


1. shallot cut section, ginger cut silk with cool boiled water knead, as much as possible out of ginger water;

2. add minced meat seasoning mix evenly, slowly adding a small amount of onion ginger Shuishun a stir in one direction, onion ginger water being dry and then add meat stuffing, stir up meat stuffing can be sticky.


shrimp little wonton



From: 馄饨这样包,单手3秒包好,好吃不破皮,一顿我能吃50个!
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