Another student is sexually assaulted! How to avoid teachers' corrupted teachers "polluting" students

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original title: another student was sexually assaulted! How can the teacher "pollute" the student

be avoided

users in micro-blog before the date of bid, a female student from a university in the school vice president of sexual assault. This week micro-blog said on a female students have the language of intimidation, for example, can affect graduate female students xiaorou (a pseudonym) was a week of sexual assault for 7 months. Xiaorou also therefore has repeatedly tried to commit suicide. At present, the school has been relieved of the duties of involved teachers, and a special working group has been set up to work together with the police to carry out the investigation.

students are sexually assaulted, not a small number of

over the years, college students have been attacked by teachers or have been forced to do something.

on the day before, Heilongjiang Province Department of Education Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection Group bulletin, 2017 1 month, Zhang Hanfei Teachers College of physical education of Mudanjiang Normal College with WeChat to teach some female students send obscene language, a serious impact on the physical and mental health. 3 months, Zhang Hanfei subject to administrative demerit. At the same time, the keyboard Department of Jiamusi University School of music teaching faculty of Faye Wong, not abstinence in divorce single period, and female students are ambiguous, tangled. In the 3 month of 2017, Faye Wong was punished by administrative warning.

in April this year, Taiwan's 26 year old literary star killed himself in his home. The next morning, Lin Yi with parents through the press said in a statement, the daughter is because many years ago by the cram school teacher sexual assault, depression, and ultimately unfortunate event. The statement pointed out: "Fang Si Qi's first love paradise" (Xiaobian note: Lin Yihan's first novel) is a real record and psychological description when he was seduced by a tutorial teacher when he was young, when he was young.

2014, a net friend sent micro-blog to imply the "Professor seduction female student" at Xiamen University. Later, a blog posted by a victim was posted on the Internet. She disclosed professor Wu Chunming's opening of academic expenses, and his frequent tryst place. After the school investigation, it was confirmed that Wu Chunming and a female graduate student had many unlawful relations and had sexual harassment to another female graduate student. Finally, Xiamen University carried out the disposition of Wu Chunming's expulsion of the party membership and the revocation of teachers' qualifications.

to curb sexual harassment, we must clear the bottom line of education

21, vice president of 21st Century Education Research Institute said that between university teachers and students itself have a reciprocal relationship, if teachers use their powers, opportunity and identity inequality on students in the implementation of sexual assault, relatively weak students in one side by the matter itself in studies such as the issue of development subject to the teacher, worried about the future and the "face" plus, it is often difficult to speak for their own rights.

Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, talked about the reasons for the frequent sexual invasion in Colleges and universities. The main reason is that some teachers are not good enough, and some universities have low entry threshold. "In developed countries such as the United States, for sexual harassment, sexual problems, specifically prohibits campus teachers and students love, to tell all the teachers, should not be beyond the teacher-student relationship and student behavior, also to avoid the occurrence of sexual harassment and sexual assault case, the parties to this is to defend love." Xiong Bingqi introduced that Harvard University issued a school rule that banned teachers, tutors and students in 1984, and expanded the ban to all teachers in.

2014 10 9 day, the Ministry of Education issued "opinions on establishing and improving the long-term mechanism for the construction of teachers' morality in Colleges and universities", and for the first time, it was named for college teachers.

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