Comply with the tide movement drive JAC refine S7 sport flagship

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original title: conform to the tide movement drive JAC refine S7 sports version of the flagship

[TopTest] auto Sohu (Figure / King Wen small source) in recent years, the people of the automobile consumption demand is becoming more and more personalized; for young groups, has more characteristics of the movement models as they are now the most important demands. In such a large environment, it has become a common behavior of many car manufacturers to cater to consumers based on the generic version of the sports models with exclusive characteristics. So today we test the protagonist, JAC refine S7 version of the sport, it is the manufacturer prior to refine S7 ordinary version to build a sports model based on. The new car has been officially listed on the eve of the Guangzhou auto show in November, with a price range of 9.98-16.58 million yuan.

Prior to

, the listing date refine S7 ordinary version of the model has been nearly half a year, although the performance in each space, configuration, driving and so on are also good, but perhaps because of personality is not clear, so in the fierce competition in the compact SUV market has not satisfactory sales. So, today launched a sports version of the model can help refine S7 breakthrough? With this problem, I was on the Bank of Chaohu, Hefei, two days, for the first time to test driving to the new car.

The adjustment of

appearance is a significant change of S7 sports version. The S7 sports version with many new designs has a further improvement in sports breath compared with the ordinary version. This time I drove the sale price of 165 thousand and 800 yuan of Jianghuai refine S7 sport flagship, namely the top sport models, with respect to its price, all the flagship comfort and technology configuration is quite rich, some are even more the level of existence. What is the specific configuration that impresses me? Please see my detailed test driving experience below.

appearance: enhanced kinetic element

(Video: S7 sport - refine the appearance of display)

In fact,

first saw refine S7 version of the sport, you can feel it and the ordinary version of the S7 has a very different style. Even before any in-depth contact, it is difficult to specify which details have changed, but the overall effect is indeed more radical.

carefully observed that in many places in the front face and in the tail of the car, the S7 sports version has its own expression language. The most obvious change in the family, the bottle shape has been used, but the entire front had become more aggressive, this is because the grille chrome was treated more exaggerated, a chrome banner from the net inside the ordinary version of the three increase to four.

I think the

side is S7 refine the most successful design, proportion of coordination, the pen is relatively simple, but the outline of the good dynamic. Compared with the ordinary version, the S7 sports version has not changed significantly on the side, but the new 18 inch rim with new appearance is much better than the previous version.

compared to the front the exaggerated form, design of S7 rear and side of the body remained similar to refine the minimalist style, the overall look is very plump, stocky. The difference is that the sports version of the ordinary version of the taillights, after the taillights with the similar black style, has now become almost all red style, in LED light will be more transparent. In addition, our flagship model is equipped with an electric tail door, which is not expected before I see the real car.