Focus on! In the next 10 years, these 4 kinds of cities have obvious advantages in education, and the first choice to read universities!

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original title: focus on! In the next 10 years, these 4 kinds of cities have obvious advantages in education, and the first choice to read universities!

6. Between the Shanghai Univer and the Lanzhou University, the former is chosen based on the city. At that time, there was a lot of controversy.

" today, we will expand the problem after the dust of the two top universities, and stand in the next 10 years.

when the structure of the university is destined to change

> first look at two pictures. The first picture represents the history of Chinese higher education, the history of , and the distribution of 985+211 in the provinces. The second picture represents the distribution of China's higher education in the new starting point, , the two first-class universities and the two first-class disciplines in the provinces.

985 University +211 University

size distribution data

double first-class universities + double first-class disciplines distribution amounting to

these two diagrams. It is obvious that the 985 and 211 universities in Shaanxi have all entered the first class, but the new two - class is 0, which makes Shaanxi in the first square of higher education in China into crisis.

, and then, look at the third picture.

this is the 6 schools to be paid attention to in the construction of this first class university. The 985 universities, the Northeastern University, the Hunan University, and the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, were the B classes.

B class , what does it mean? To address the gap, spare no effort to catch up. That is to say, if the three colleges and universities do not work hard, they will be eliminated. Two of the three colleges and universities, located in the northeast of Liaoning and Shaanxi of the west, have been 985 universities.

6 university changes amounting to

, and then, look at the fourth picture.

first class discipline construction university, adding 25 universities on the basis of the original 211 universities. In addition to the two cities in Beijing and Shanghai, the 25 universities are the largest winners in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the East, and the Sichuan in the southwest is stable.

these disciplines have the first class disciplines we aspire to build.

, then, what are the internationally recognized first class disciplines? Let's take a look at the fifth picture.

QS subject list the distribution map of

, France

QS world university subject list", entering this list, is generally considered to be the world's first class discipline.

list. Beijing and Shanghai ranked the top two in Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Four provinces and cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hubei accounted for more than 6.

we go back to sum up again, what can these 5 graphs explain?