Why do we mistake silence [Silence] to be silent and [Peace]?

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original title: why do we mistake quiet [Silence] to be silent and [Peace]?

Olympic National Park is located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state in the northwest of the United States. It takes about 3 hours to drive from the East Seattle. However, the driving experience is much longer than the actual journey, as if it hit a fairyland without the concept of time. Here, a 12 mile long river "font-size: 16px style= (Hoh River) trail traverses a thing, which is littered with volcano sand beach, Sitka spruce sites with changqingmu mountains, wide flat valley and the Hoh rain forest. Park covers an area of nearly 1 million acres, the ecological system of the United States is the most complex, a lot of big leaf maple, lichens, alder, Ye Tai, Mimulus plants, licorice fern, Lycopodium, herbs, grasses and shrubs wanton growth. under the protection of the federal government, Olympic National Park now owns the largest existing virgin forest in the United States.

8, I came to Washington state, the unusual warm and sunny day. I took a walk on Kalaloch beach near the hotel. It was less than an hour from the rain forest. Suddenly, I heard another visitor shouting, "whale!" "He said," do you want to see whale? "

I climbed the balcony, follow his finger in the direction of gaze, Ennagamu Hiroko, roaring waves of the ocean. A small column of water through the air, then another, then third, then -- the orca dorsal fin in waves to draw a curve. "People feed them all day," he said. "I've been here to see them for 1 hours. I have never seen such a scene. "

I quickly went to the balcony from the beach, across from the shore of the jellyfish, oyster shell and seagull slender bones, on the dark grey sand in the soft and warm. Look around, but the sea, no other ships, aircraft and Construction -- No. There is only the ocean, the noise of the waves, the boom, and the tranquility. seems to be a bit weird - how can noise be quiet? Maybe it's because the noise is continuous, soothing and immersing people in it. waves of ups and downs, as if a fresh understanding close at hand. When this feeling climbed to the peak, a giant whale suddenly broke out of the water and exposed its smooth, grey dorsal fin, for a moment, I feel the weight of it falls on me.

newborn child, sick father. This year, both mentally and physically, I feel exhausted. This feeling can not be described in words. When my son was just 3 months old, my father was diagnosed as a late stage of malignant lymphoma. He could not help himself because of his life, so he stayed with Broolyn for a short time. After months of chemotherapy, his condition has improved, but the days, weeks and months is really very painful too frequently for medical treatment, call the insurance company, for he may be interested in food for critical patients, but also to take care of a growing need for people to take care of the baby. I also wrote a book need to put a lot of effort to think seriously about the book, but I am behind schedule. What is worse, I have just returned from a long slow recovery. 7 at the end of the month, at the end of a month long, together with the son came back home, I feel uncomfortable, mentally and physically exhausted, and bad temper. , with my husband's urge, I flew to Seattle by myself.

moss covered Sitka spruce guarded the entrance HOH rain forest, the temperate rain forest in Washington state in Olympic National Park

HOH rain forest ecosystem is the one of the most diverse areas, at the same time, it is one of the most quiet place in the United States, which is based on a square inch "project concluded sound ecologist Gordon Hempton at the Gordon, has been working for years to protect the Hoh rain forest quiet (for example by requiring airlines to route planning etc.) . Here, there is no human noise at all. Indeed, almost no aircraft would cross the wide sky, and there were few tourists or cars on the sparsely populated path I walked. In my side, the sun through the forest canopy, moss like beard hang on Sitka spruce and Douglas fir, everything is like a children's book writer Dr.Seuss fantasy

From: 我们为什么会把宁静无声【Silence】错认为是寂静平和【Peace】?
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