The goddess of net Hong recently took a photograph of the shop in Sanlitun

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original title: the goddess of net Hong recently ran to

in this shop in Sanlitun and went to

listen to a little sister said Sanlitun opened a drink concept shop!

this time, it can be

from the inside to the outside are the most fashionable ins winds of the moment.

first give you a sense of

I went to this feel~

when I went

it was later found that it was not a common net red store,

this store is not only very beautiful but also very particular -

(1) each cup of drink is high - value

as a drink shop,

is quite different from other people's homes, ~

the same per capita 30 yuan pursuit of health drinks,

drinking a water is the beauty of such Auntie... Really no ~

you can rest assured,

color is pure natural extraction Oh!

> can also pack away...

I think it's not ~

to get a card for a drink.

(2) environmental style changes

at any time

besides this environment, drinking water is the standard of this environment....

two styles!

one side is a fixed style, Nordic sexual cold wind ~

ins pillow, plants, carefully painted grey wall,

is more powerful on the other side and will change style over time -

when the little editor to shoot is still pink and tender young girl wind

3 detail is more invulnerable

to say the store to go take heart, in this the details about

the tableware is almost different! There are many kinds of ~

in the plate and the cup

> basically won't hit the next table!

with every drink next to a snack! It's really Rio ~

all the cats on the spoon are cats - you say it's not lovely!

and the neon light, the network red store's ~

there are all kinds of cards and newspapers that can be photographed! It really can't be more than 6 ~

ME LE Name: juice

per capita: 32 yuan

address: No. 8, Sanlitun No. SOHO1 Gongti North Road Mall B1 layer 131

telephone: 13501150705 / 13810016932

business hours: from Monday to Sunday, 10:00-21:00

sorting from return to the Sohu, see more

editor: From: 网红女神最近都跑三里屯这家店照相去了
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