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original title: the first lady of the United States decided to cut down the oldest tree next to the White House,

, according to CNN, Merania Trump, the first lady of the United States, decided to cut the oldest tree on the edge of the White House lawn, which is nearly 200 years old.

chart: the first lady of America dreams of Christmas on the desert island. The hope is the world peace and love

. This huge tree belongs to the lotus magnolia tree. It is called "Jackson Mulan" in the United States. According to legend, the seventh president of the United States Andrew Jackson won the presidential election in 1828, ordered in front of the White House planted his wife Rachel's love of magnolia tree buds, the buds grew in their plant in Tennessee state farms. His wife, Rachel, died in the election campaign.

, according to the television station, said the tree would be cut off this week. The news pointed out that Merania Trump made this extraordinary decision under the advice of an expert. Experts say the tree has been able to stand upright and survive in recent decades because it has been firmly fixed by the rope. But now even if the rope has not been able to support the tree, experts warn that it may fall down at any time.

this "Jackson Mulan" is well known in the United States: from 1928 to 1998, the tree had been in the back pattern of $20.

The seedlings of

, the dying tree, have been implanted in a special greenhouse a few months ago. It is reported that one of these young trees will be standing in the original position for the big tree dead. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 美“第一夫人”决定砍掉白宫旁最古老的一棵树
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