There are 20% students in the twelve zodiac tortoise answer

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original title: twelve zodiac turtles 20% students answer

yesterday, about sixty thousand primary school students in grade four participated in the comprehensive evaluation of the quality of education in Shenyang, involving four subjects, including Chinese, mathematics, English and basic literacy. The flexible and novel test questions not only make the students feel fresh, but also arouse the hot discussion of teachers and parents. The reporter interviewed the person in charge of the education evaluation and quality monitoring center of Shenyang Education Research Institute responsible for this proposition. He asked him to introduce the purpose, significance and characteristics of the comprehensive evaluation.

20%'s students mistook the tortoise as a member of the twelve zodiac, and 14% of the students mistook the festival for Chinese traditional festivals. In the comprehensive evaluation of educational quality a few years ago, such problems were exposed. It also made the education evaluation and quality monitoring center of Shenyang Education Institute continue to carry out the comprehensive evaluation work continuously. This year, it has been done for four years.

The comprehensive evaluation of

will not only give each district, more than 380 schools, more than 1000 classes were feedback analysis, to discover the problems in teaching, but also to participate in the evaluation of about sixty thousand students in the fourth grade of a person electronic report, including scores, grade, charts and analysis of the situation, of course. Student evaluation report is to encourage the main. Schools, teachers and parents can make clear the direction of education through analysis report, and students can clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses, so as to identify development goals.

language focuses on reading to enable students to benefit lifelong

The comprehensive evaluation of

grade four in each subject highlights the guidance of reading, which is the case in the language subject. The director of the Shenyang Institute of education, education evaluation and quality monitoring center Liu Wenbo said, reading to the students' growth and development has important significance, "a person's reading history is his history of mental development, through research and monitoring found that the current students' reading ability is generally weak. This year's language and basic literacy have increased the proportion of reading, the purpose is to guide students to read more.

"down to earth": Xinle ruins, Shuangcheng Province, Bo hit into exam

"basic literacy" papers in the title is China relates to many traditional culture, such as the appearance of traditional festivals and so on, Chinese fancies of men of letters. There are a lot of problems, their words "down to earth", is all about his hometown in Shenyang, such as Shenyang Shuangcheng "double" activities, students should not do what; published by Liaoning provincial museum official opening closing time information, select the specific time can enter the museum; and in the comprehension of news information mentioned "Meijing products unearthed in Shenyang Xinle site 7200 years ago" etc..

Education Institute of education of Shenyang city quality evaluation and monitoring center deputy director Zhang Lijiao introduction, the annual "basic literacy" in the exam will be some historical sites, museums and other related questions, intended to guide students and parents understand Shenyang, into the cultural practice base of history.

guides students to pay attention to social life practice

A prominent feature of

comprehensive evaluation paper is to pay close attention to life practice. The basic literacy test paper is the most obvious. In the scenario of class making tablecloth, it involves the characteristics of different fabrics, and how to verify material characteristics through small experiments. In addition, there are "the screws on the battery cover down, should choose which tool"; play hide and seek in the yard, how far away from the danger of life through security identification practice.

is also the life practice of mathematics papers and full flavor such as setting the "environment and mathematics" and "life and mathematics", "graphics and mathematics" and "mathematical games and other sections, the students into a scene of life, reflects the mathematics everywhere in life, stimulate students' interest in learning and exploring spirit.

jokes, riddles, and lyrics are written into questions

"basic literacy" volume contains jokes, riddles, lyrics, and so on, all of which are the materials for reading "reading literacy". For example, Jay Chou's song "blue and white" in a few words. This is not in order to cultivate fans, but the ability to test students' understanding of the relevant information contained in the material, but also under the guidance of teachers and students, not only pay attention to books, to cultivate the "Chinese language" concept.

experts parsing

guides children to read more

pays attention to life practice

comprehensive evaluation of the quality of education for the fourth grade, the teachers generally reflect the curriculum questions closely, no tricky question strange question, but it is very flexible, but also attaches great importance to guide students to read more.

Mr. Liu Wenbo, director of the

, said that the examination questions did highlight the guidance of the education department in Shenyang. A prominent Standard Guide, proposition strictly according to the curriculum standards, to avoid a tricky question, strange questions. The two is the guidance of outstanding accomplishment, not only to guide the school to open the curriculum, but also to guide the teachers, parents and students to pay attention to the social life. The three is to highlight the guidance of reading, the test of each subject, the students' reading ability is reflected. The four is to highlight the development of the guidance, pay attention to the students' development of the necessary ability and character.

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