The "cloned man" is born! Good at imitating and independent thinking

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original title: "cloned human" birth! Good at imitating and independent thought

do you think AI artificial intelligence is the most powerful? In fact, the US artificial Intelligent Company ObEN is doing one of the greater, "virtual clones".

it is learnt that ObEN is preparing for personalized AI, which is actually a virtual digital doubles, which can be trained to accomplish things that you have no time to complete or fail to do. This clone is not limited to the body, as well as your behavior habits or even thinking. This emotional virtual clone can still exist even after leaving, which is just like a posture of "human death and resurrection".

ObEN displayed CEO picture

a potential result of robots becoming more and more like humans is that they have potential emotional control. For PAI learning technology, you will become more and more like you after interacting with and interacting with you. You can say that from the beginning imitating you to a certain degree of independent thinking, it will become you in a way.

if this research is really successful, then to some extent it is frightening. return to the Sohu, see more


From: “克隆人”诞生!擅长模仿还有独立思想
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