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original title: 80 thousand yuan to sell the daughter's debt, the father took the gamble to lose 70 thousand

many people can't control themselves to buy and buy

an inadvertently struggling every day in the quagmire of

no money, do?

do not eat or not drink tight pants to live on the headband,

think to earn "fast money", actually learn people to "gamble"!

gambling is a bottomless pit.

once touched, you can't return to the head of

there is a gambler in Shenzhen after gambling on the evil habit of

lost property also owed a debt of

to pay back one hundred thousand dollars of debt

desperation at

incredibly hard to put her 9 month old daughter

sold in a QQ group!


sold from Shenzhen to Tianjin!

after the poor children are sold, next is even more!

the father had a 80 thousand yuan

to sell the child.

turn to Macao and be a big gamble of

lost 10 thousand...

now lost all possessions, owed hundreds of thousands of debt . He had to sell her money gambling Fanben debt, and lost the results.

this gamble dad is confused, as a mother's follow?

12 at the beginning of the month to sell the child, the child's mother said he regretted. When she was traveling from Shenzhen to Tianjin with her buyers, they felt the ", so they gave themselves up to the police. she said that the child was raised by her boyfriend, and she wanted to return the money to others. Recently just learned to call mother, very sad, feeling very sorry for her.

Beijing police received a report, and the police Jiang Wei (a pseudonym) surrendered that she bought a baby girl on the internet qq group at a price of 80 thousand yuan. Jiang is a Tianjin person. After marriage with her husband, two children have health problems and have always wanted to adopt a healthy child.