When the students of this university take off the "small skirt", all of them are robbing them for admission to school.

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original title: when the students in this university take off the "little skirt", all the learning tyrants are rushing to apply for admission.

by a group of big data statistics: Global male users interested in the keywords body parts+ countries, divided by the population, parts of the body that the most popular women's ranking. Finally, it was found that the girls' hips were most popular with boys.

this data is more obvious in European and American countries.

foreigners love for more customers become an independent school, nakanishibetsu have a flavor contest.

in the survey report shows that not only the male favorite part of the female body is the buttock, but also the female has the different feelings to the male's buttocks.

all the data from the findings are powerful to tell the men a truth: "good fart is good."

that is the annals of [Cambridge] ass beauty contest......

if you only live in the stage show's dream, but I do not know Cambridge high IQ straight love [Cambridge] ass contest, 14, can tell you without charge:

Cambridge deserves your application (diss:

English as everyone knows, University of Cambridge is a world famous universities, a high IQ of young men and women gathered here, do ordinary people cannot read the " " academic.

but since 2012, the painting in Cambridge has begun to turn. has reached a consensus on the buttocks.

further proof to the world: "Cambridge is a sexy school "

1976, and the bullies were all sunning their own back to compete.

but this activity seems to be incapable of satisfying the exploration of the "human structure" by the bully.

so, this activity evolved directly into "Cambridge's Best Bums", and answered in broad and profound Chinese: " ".

the rules of activity are simple and rough, at a glance.

contestants for Cambridge students. Regardless of gender, regardless of age, regardless of professional school to join mooning contest.

contestants to show the form of mooning photos. The picture shows the famous landmark building of the school. Such as library, riverside, playground, dormitory balcony and so on.

finally from the University of Cambridge students "The Tab" (The Tab) to select the most beautiful buttocks.

since 2012, the painting style of Cambridge has evolved as bright as the Renaissance.

2012 Title: Pink Lace + color, veiled.

* 2013 Champion: Three Island action film quality.