Ye Tan: bet 50 Fen, will Jia Yueting go back before December 31st?

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original title: ye Tan: Gambling 50 Fen, will return to Jia Yueting before December 31st?


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12 25 months, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a notice to LETV former chairman Jia Yueting in December 31, 2017 before returning home, earnestly implement the actual control of the company's obligation, cooperate to solve the problem of the company.

Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau named Jia Yueting at the three time.


9 13, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission issued a letter of concern to Jia Yueting. In December 8th, Jia Yueting was ordered to make corrections by the Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission again, requiring Jia Yueting's younger sister to make a written rectification report on violations. This is the third time.

seems, the SFC is really urgent, how, said that two times is not used ah, the first time let you back, did not hear it? There's a lot of fun on micro-blog.

is not used for third times.

one is Jia Yueting's name has no room and no car.

12 month 25 days, Beijing court trial information publication of the Huafu securities limited liability company notary document execution ruling. The ruling shows that in the case of the dispute between Huafu securities limited liability company and Jia Yue Ting notarized creditor's rights, the first intermediate people's Court of Beijing carried out an investigation into the bank deposits, housing registration and vehicle registration of the executor in accordance with the law in the execution of the first intermediate people's court of Beijing. After the implementation, Jia Yueting's name has no car, no room and no deposit.


is true in America's mansion, that is, the last concept of Jia Yueting, FF, and the mansion registered in the name of the company, are in the United States.

two is according to the news that Jia Yueting's wife Wei Gan has been in the United States.

CEO, the original Grand literary fiction, in the film, Mars gold shadow technology founder Hou Xiaoqiang, 23 PM by micro-blog revealed that he was FF91 in Losangeles drive, and met Jia Yueting Wei Gan and his wife. Wei Gan said micro-blog had previously certified the whole family in Beijing, and share the music building by LETV mobile phone positioning.

if the news is true, the children, at least two couples, have been in the United States and have been on a big day.

three is the administrative order of the SFC and can not reach the United States.

capital (Tianjin) Beijing lawyer Wang Dianxue said, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau notice belongs to administrative order, under normal circumstances should be returned with Jia Yueting assumed responsibility.

actually, the constraints are limited, and if useful, Jia Yueting should be back in September. But Jia Yueting does not cooperate, the securities and securities regulatory department can he?

, what the SFC can do is to impose administrative penalties, such as no access to the city, such as fines. If Jia Yueting fails to fulfil his obligation of external borrowing, the loss will be expanded. Jia Yueting will be liable for compensation. If Jia is suspected of breaking the law, he will be transferred to the public security organ. all this is on the premise that he cares about the domestic market, which is useful.

in addition to the SFC, and the court.

12 11 June, December 15th, Jia Yueting two times by the court as a dishonest debtor, that is popular on said "laolai". According to media reports, according to incomplete statistics, 9 cases of Jia Yueting were listed as executors in the Third Hospital of Beijing, of which the highest liability is 1 billion 400 million, and 9 cases only cost more than 6 million.

Lai become what? Dishonest debtor and dishonest debtor's legal representative, the main person in charge, the actual controller, influence the performance of the debt directly responsible personnel will be restricted in the train, plane, hotel accommodation, tourism, high consumption of children attending high school charge etc..

is also reported that Jia Yueting, wife and Wei Gan, chairman of the Beijing Le Yang film and television media Co., Ltd. released recruitment information, the company is recruiting "chairman of the board of life assistant (English direction"), responsible for children's English tutoring, monthly salary of up to 8001-10000 yuan. Look, people are still rich.

if, if people Jia Yueting do not come back, if the wife and children all out, the court and the securities regulatory bureau, it is not useful in the country to do tight mantra.


efficiency is not really high, from the beginning of September, a program went through channels down, issued the notice on December. They have put so much money on the stock market that they don't know where to go.

the SFC and the court are doing their own things, that's right, but it's clear that the power is not enough. It's a bit like a tiger that saw the paw. The international background of dishonesty old Lai, US

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