China aid: this country rejected billions of greedy bite, now less than Shenzhen fraction

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original title: Chinese aid: the country rejected billions of greedy bite back, now Shenzhen fraction

50 years ago, China said that it was not too poor to be too poor. If at that time, China was hungry and frozen, it also needed to save money to help a country, and it helped about 10000000000 yuan in 16 years. So how much indebted to China? The reality, however, is sob...

Albania, a Balkan country in southeastern Europe, with a total area of 28 thousand square kilometers living with 2 million 800 thousand people. Though the country is very small, it is one of the poorest and most backward countries in Europe, but it is also a member of the European Union, NATO and WTO. Its most unique identity is the only Muslim country in Europe.

1949 and Chinese established diplomatic relations, and then began to require endless aid: from steel to wood, from corn and wheat; the last direct loan, and opening a malicious, 1 billion, 5 billion: 500 million...


said the loan, but the country directly said: never want to return, because we are brother, and China is brother, should take care of us!

is too much. Albania was less than 2 million at that time, but it built about 400000 forts with 175 million yuan of Chinese aid, and even coastline was repaired. On average, 5 people could be assigned to a fort. It also requires China to help cement and steel, on the grounds that the quality of China is good. More than that, Albania actually misrepresented the number of building materials, made more military steel for street lamps and telegraph poles, and built more than 10000 monuments on the land less than 30 thousand square kilometers, with an average of 20 people having one.

today, the hundreds of thousands of pillboxes become restaurant, or warehouse local people abandoned, only less than 100 of a Museum attractions and open, and the data is written: Albania people shrink clothes less food victories...... even the German reporters have said: people do not devoid of gratitude, worth!

Why does

say Albania is ungrateful? Because any country has seen China pay, it has also seen that Albania has no recognition of people in the twinkling of an eye, and even the whole nation's efforts to assist China as an enemy, and also claims to be abandoned.

has been listed as an enemy state after the ceaselessage of Albania, which led to the announcement of China's stop of aid. 50 years ago, about 10000000000, how much money is it now? Now look at these stamps again, what is the taste. There is a saying "everyone had repay unfailingly, the average can be divided to several thousand yuan in Albania, now the per capita GDP of less than half Chinese, one of the 200 total GDP lack of a city of Shenzhen, which is in the premise of Albania to join the EU and NATO.

The data given by the world bank in

2016 are: Albania's GDP is less than 30% of the EU's average level, and 41% of the population is still engaged in agriculture, and the largest national income is from tourism, and the economic structure has been distorted.

, but the tourism industry in Albania has not been described so well, especially the other neighboring countries in the Balkans. It has long developed into a systematic and characteristic hot spot. Albania City alone and hot, even once a year the tourism festival has only received 20 thousand visitors, or just a Greek Macedonian festivals are hundreds of thousands of tourists, Montenegro and Serbia, countries also has Chinese tourist visa, and increased the amount of Chinese identification.

plus Albania to seek EU aid into the capitalist countries, now lead to extremely rare mixed economic system, with "XinBiTianGao, life than paper thin" to describe is more appropriate. Of course, two words to describe more appropriate: death!

is said that Albania is also ready to open a sign for Chinese tourists, but little editor believes that not many Chinese will give them money! return to the Sohu, see more


From: 中国援助百多亿:此国贪心被拒反咬一口,如今不足深圳零头
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