Since 2017 7 teachers good news, related to each teacher interests | year-end 3

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original title: teachers since 2017 7 good news, related to each teacher interests | year-end 3

teacher, the future of education, can be said to be a major event.

from ancient times to the clouds, and then hard to bitter children, and then poor and poor education, can be seen the importance of education. The quality of teachers as the frontline of education is related to the development of children. The teacher said that the teacher's responsibility is not only responsible for preaching by the industry doubts, teacher learning of children, is also responsible for the children's growth and development, therefore, continue to improve the treatment of teachers and the quality has become a very important task.

What are the good news related to teachers in our country since 2017? Heze middle school education for everyone to check

reform of teachers' Title Evaluation

title reform is that many teachers are very concerned about, because fewer places, professional evaluation difficult, the teacher wants to improve income by title, two is to rely on the seniority wage, so the titles became the number one concern of the teacher. The former evaluation title is computer level, foreign language and paper, this evaluation rule is somewhat backward, so China began to try to adjust it.

first, emphasizing the teacher's morality, the teacher who is not good at the teacher's virtue will be rejected by a ticket.

Second, University Teachers' Professional Title Evaluation right to decentralization

Third, teachers' title evaluation is inclined to a first-line teacher,

Fourth, no longer regard foreign language, computers and papers as rigid evaluation criteria, and explore the actual work of teachers such as lesson plans as evaluation criteria.

this is some good news about teachers' professional titles, that is to say, in the future, excellent good teachers will be easier to evaluate titles, which is good news for teachers,


teachers' wage reform

fifth. Again, the teacher's salary is not less than the average level of local civil servants' wages of

sixth, improve performance salary system, improve performance appraisal method, make performance salary fully reflect workload and actual performance.

seventh, to implement the subsidy of teachers in the hard and remote areas, and to improve the treatment of teachers at the grass-roots level,

it is not difficult to see that education has been paid more and more attention in actual actions, and the treatment of teachers has been improving. This will also attract more excellent teachers to enter the teaching team, which is great for teachers and education.

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From: 2017年以来教师队伍7大利好消息,事关每位教师利益 | 年终盘点3
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