Bitcoin 2018 forecast: USD rocketed to 60 thousand or Bust?

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original title: bitcoin 2018 forecast: USD rocketed to 60 thousand or Bust?


series before 2017 financial field are P. Near the end of the year, there are still many has not yet ended, LETV can revive, unmanned vehicles can compliance on the road, how the future block chain...... They are ups and downs, the road ahead, or the vibrant, exciting, and all this, will be settled in the near future. Everything is a moment, everything will be in the past, and from now on, China and the new warp and weft will launch the 2017 end of the plan "2017 unsolved bureau", taking you to the mystery of the Bureau.

new longitude and latitude client December 27 (Bi Tongtong) some people say this is the tulip bubble in twenty-first Century, some people say it is the key to opening the door of future wealth. In 2017, bitcoin has experienced ups and downs, from "a cipher" to "Top Star", became one of the hot topics of this year fully deserve.

At the same time,

, "bitcoin is worthless," and "this is the biggest deception of the century". This year, the highest increase of bitcoin is nearly 30 times. How can the bitcoin go next year, can investors be able to enter the market? The Sino Singapore Jingwei client (WeChat public number: jwview) interviewed many people in the industry. Some people saw a lot and some people were empty. But they all reminded investors that this is a risky casino.

Bitcoin in

2018 or up to $60 thousand

bitcoin was like a roller coaster in 2017. In January, the central bank for several digital currency exchange site inspection, anti money laundering investigation and rectification, bitcoin fell 31%; in May, the global network was attacked by virus and the demand for bitcoin payment of ransom, bitcoin again into the public view, currency price is rising prices; in late July, bitcoin price fluctuations lead to bifurcation digital currency, fell almost across the board; in September, the Central Bank jointly ministries issued "on the issue of financing risk prevention token notice", then the digital currency exchange closed domestic bitcoin transactions, once fell over 30%. In December, with the impact of bitcoin futures and bitcoin bifurcations, the price of the coin soared 20 thousand US dollars and fell nearly 35% after a week.

bitcoin price trend in 2017: coinmarketcap


bitcoin continue to go high next year? In the ten astonishing conjecture of Sheng Bao, released by Sheng Bao bank, it is predicted that the price of bitcoin will continue to rise in most of 2018, and the price of bitcoin will peak in 2018, possibly exceeding 60 thousand dollars in 2018. With the launch of bitcoin futures contract in December 2017, investors are more actively involved in bitcoin investment, capital trading and bitcoin futures are more convenient, and the market value of bitcoin will exceed 1 trillion dollars.

, but as Russia and the rest of the world adopt flexible measures to prevent or even prohibit unauthorized encryption money entering the domestic market, the price of bitcoin will be suppressed. Kay Van-Petersen, an encrypted currency strategist at the Bank of shosbao, points out.

also points out that when bitcoin price reaches its peak in 2018, it will collapse in 2019, and the price will be close to the production cost of 1000 US dollars.

is worth mentioning, Saxo Bank had bet in 2017 forecast bitcoin rose, said the 2017 bitcoin strong rise above $2100, then bitcoin price of around $800, and this year the bitcoin market has reached its highest predictive value of nearly 10 times.

prices fluctuate sharply, and the range may exceed 200%

however, most researchers are still cautious about the trend of the currency in 2018. Morgan Stanley said in a report last week entitled "Bitcoin Decrypted", it is difficult to price the encrypted currency, because it is neither legal nor gold.

is worth mentioning that, with the launch of bitcoin futures on the Chicago options exchange and the Chicago commodity exchange in December, bitcoin has more than one short channel. Bitcoin futures have also become an important factor affecting the price trend of bitcoin.

Lead researcher

fire currency block chain Application Research Institute Guo Dazhi to the new latitude client (WeChat public number: jwview) said that with the launch of bitcoin futures, marking the widely recognized investment market bitcoin value, more traditional financial professional investors to lower the threshold of contact with bitcoin investment, will inject a lot of money bitcoin market two. But on the other hand, this year, bitcoin prices have risen all the way, and have not experienced a full callback. Bitcoin futures bring short selling mechanism to bitcoin trading market, and investors need to do well in risk prevention and control measures.

although the bitcoin futures market to promote bitcoin to mainstream financial market advance, but also to see the bitcoin price offers investors the opportunity to short, once the bitcoin market appears larger negative events, a lot of outside capital quickly entrance price fluctuations will be empty, very violent." Xiao Lei, an alternative investment expert and senior digital currency observer, told the China new longitude and latitude client (the WeChat public: jwview).

Xiao Lei confessed that the uncertainty of bitcoin is huge, so far, the global market has not yet been found.

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