It only takes three minutes to teach you the skin! Success rate 100%

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original title: only three minutes, teach you to do this skin! Success rate 100%

last time to teach you quickly

package wonton.

a lot of small partners at the end of the message: "," how do you make "?

that gourmet monarch will tell you today.

move the stool, pay attention to blackboard workshop of delicacy wonton skin tutorial

~ homemade wonton skin




flour 250g, salt 2G, eggs 1 , water about 80g


1. salt and flour into the egg, a little water and face, until the basin no flour ;

2. , static 25 minutes covered with cling film ;

3. a sprinkle a little flour, the dough kneading after a moment, roll into a thin sheet of side face powder edge folding ,


4. repeated several times after the open rolling, rolling pin with a knife as a ruler, can be divided into appropriate size.

  • and surface add water to slow", "Yu", "water" can be adjusted according to egg size.

  • do wonton skin "font-size: 16px;" > to hard dough, then roll skin is too soft easy to fold.


  • kneading, rolling surface process, flour, dough or adhesion.

  • style= can also use the pressure 16px;" < span style= "font-size:" dough 16px; "> repeatedly pressure several times on the thin, it will save a lot of.

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