Valkyrie! & BLiTZ system of the imperial army of battlefield 4

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original title: Valkyrie! &, & BLiTZ system

Sega today (December 27th) officially released its latest intelligence on the official website of the newly anticipated battle of the official website, the battle force 4. The new Imperial Army's role &, BLiTZ combat system is open, and let's have a look.

, battlefield female spirit 4, is a strategic role playing game produced by SEGA. It will depict people's stories with new stories and new characters on the European stage. It is like a hand drawn picture depicting the system "CANVAS", the new combat system BLiTZ integrated with strategy and action. These new characteristics will make the work evolve in an all-round way.

is going to land PS4, Xbox One and Switch platform. The PS4 version will be sold in March 21, 2018, and the Switch version will be sold in the summer of 2018, and the traditional Chinese version is synchronized. The Xbox One version is for sale in Europe and America.

. Kraay Raven. (CV:YUKANA)

The Imperial Academy of Sciences Institute of spy

force X-0 spy captain, is actually the legendary blow dry experiment "turn tank Valkyrie" . Because of the long-term "experimental" identity, the character is cool and silent, and the spirit is more naive.

. Verse. (CV: Ishikawa Hito).

The Imperial Academy of Sciences Institute of spy

X-0 army combat staff captain, keep calm judgment outstanding, self-confidence is full, and some disabled feet did not affect his ability.

- carat porsz. (CV: Tochi Hiroki)


Empire army independent company fool captain, with the rank of Hao block character careless informal case, because he has a strong young mother, guardian of the Empire of patriotism.

. Baerga. (CV: fast promotion of water)

Imperial Academy of Sciences and technology, the Secretary for the spy trial troops head of X-0, the highest Imperial Academy of Sciences cadres. The development of a number of amazing "powerful weapons".

- two Imperial Academy of Sciences Institute of spy force X-0 beauty team, also has a loyal to the Empire of patriotism.

. The traditional combat system BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zone systems) also has new features released:

. The story is carried out in a unique book model, where players choose their own adventures between the pages of a sheet of books.

needs to determine the details of this task before fighting and to assign members to the fighting.

map "in our stronghold can reply HP/, is occupied by the elastic, priority unit.