Is it easy to have money from overseas investment? Today, the state is wearing the "tighten mantra" for Wang Jianlin.

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has been very active in overseas investment activities of Chinese enterprises in the past few years, and investment in real estate, hotels, movie city, entertainment industry, sports clubs and other fields is the most attracting concern.

", for example, in recent 3 years, Chinese enterprises have bought 15 Football Club at high prices overseas, including AC Milan, international Milan, Madrid and other top teams,



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, for example, Wanda bought the second largest movie theater AMC in the United States, Fosun international investment in the US Studio8 company, marking the Chinese enterprises to enter the Hollywood. And overseas real estate investment, not to mention...

Chinese enterprises have the strength to undertake overseas mergers and acquisitions, which is the embodiment of China's economic strength, but behind it is also hidden risk . In fact, throughout 2017, the irrational overseas investment supervision are the focus of the work of relevant departments, and in 2017 the country will soon be over, finally put the big move!


12, the State Development and Reform Commission issued the" measures for the management of foreign investment in enterprises ". The new approach will come into force on March 1, 2018.

"method" is proposed, take the approval and record management for overseas investment enterprises; foreign investment enterprise shall not Chinese threat to national security and interests, shall not violate the macro regulation and industrial policy development and Reform Commission will ; the relevant departments jointly establish cooperative supervision mechanism of the government, through online monitoring, interviews, letter checks to verify the way for overseas investment to carry out supervision and inspection.

, according to the management principle of substance over form, put the domestic enterprises and natural persons into the management framework through overseas investment controlled by overseas enterprises. It is necessary to point out that the integration of into the management framework does not mean that it is integrated into the scope of approval and filing management.


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is investment main body to carry through its control of foreign enterprises in overseas investment projects (investment assets, not directly relates to the main investment or to provide financing or guarantee, the new way to take ") management idea of prior management are different, the things in the post full coverage". If the investment amount of is less than 300 million yuan or above for the non sensitive projects, the investor should inform the NDRC about the relevant information, without the need to record it, while the Chinese investment less than 300 million dollars will not need to be recorded or need to be informed.

, at the same time, a new way to improve the disciplinary measures to establish a record of illegal investment in foreign investment. for malicious split, false declaration, through improper means to obtain approval documents or filing notice, without the implementation of the project is not required for the change, should be reported without report, unfair competition, threat or damage the interests of the state and national security violations, to provide financing and other illegal acts, NEW way to clear disciplinary measures, intensify punishment. at the same time, the new method put forward the establishment of illegal activities of foreign investment records, the implementation of joint punishment.

talks about why should the introduction of the new policy, the national development and Reform Commission official said when answering a reporter's question, in recent years, with domestic enterprises to improve the degree of internationalization, overseas investment is also more diverse, some of the overseas investment activities in the current management of free boundaries, there are some potential risks. , according to the principle of substance over form management, the domestic enterprises and natural persons will be included in the management framework by overseas investment controlled by overseas enterprises.

he also said that the new approach as a basic system of overseas investment management, is put in "management services" three aspects and launched the eight reform measures, to strengthen macro guidance for overseas investment, overseas investment comprehensive optimization services, improve the foreign investment supervision of the entire process, and promote the sustained and healthy development overseas investment, maintaining national interests and national security.

2017 is an irrational foreign investment regulation year

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