The 7 methods are effective for the fruits and vegetables.

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original title: the fruits and vegetables are also the beauty and fresh-keeping, these 7 methods are very effective

How do

slices of apples avoid oxidative discoloration? Green leafy vegetables boiled water do not fade? How does the stewed potato keep the shape complete? Do you meet these questions in the usual course of cooking? Here we teach you a few tricks to let you keep the Vegetable & Fruit attractive colors in cooking: such as lemon juice, citric acid, it can prevent the oxidation of fruit and some vegetables fade; boiled vegetables when add some edible alkali, can maintain their green; Roasted Vegetable, brush a little oil, can avoid baked dry dehydration. As long as you use these little tricks, your fruits and vegetables will be more appetizing.

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From: 蔬果也该美容保鲜,这7个方法很有效
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