Removing the obstacles to the system and mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the market - the review of the high quality of China's economic development.

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original title: breaking up the obstacles of system and mechanism, stimulating the vitality of market participants -- the two

to promote the high quality development of Chinese economy.

Xinhua December, Beijing, 27, December, "": breaking the obstacles of system and mechanism and stimulating the vitality of market participants -- the two commentary of promoting the high quality development of Chinese economy.

Xinhua reporter Wang Xi

held the day before the central economic work conference, the focus on promoting high quality development to do 8 key work, which stimulate the vitality of market players is one of the tasks.

, whether building modern economic system or promoting structural reform of supply side, in the final analysis, we need to stimulate the enthusiasm of micro entities in innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, and improve the quality and efficiency of development. The central bank chief economist, the academic committee of Chinese international economic exchange center member Wang Jun said that the main body of the market dynamic, high quality development is springhead.

, in recent years, many reforms have been deepened, such as "pipe laying service" and many other reforms. It has created a better market and institutional environment to stimulate the vitality of the economy and the vitality of the market players. At present, the main body of the market in China has reached about 90000000, of which there are about 30 million enterprises. Daily average of the first three quarters of this year's newly registered enterprises reached 16 thousand and 500, continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum.

but it can not be avoided that all kinds of market bodies still face many challenges in the fierce competition. Industry experts said that next step is to take targeted measures to ensure that all kinds of market players can fully play their initiative, initiative and creativity in independent decision-making and system management.

stimulates the vitality of the market, and promotes the reform of state-owned enterprises as an important focus.

central economic work conference put forward that we should promote state-owned capital to become stronger and bigger, and improve state-owned enterprises' state-owned assets reform plan. We should speed up the transformation of state-owned assets regulatory functions and reform the authorized operation system of state-owned capital.

China Enterprise Research Institute chief researcher Li Jin believes that clearly stronger bigger is the object of "state-owned capital", rather than "state-owned enterprises", is conducive to the layout optimization of state owned economy, state-owned enterprises to promote the restructuring and reorganization, the zombie companies' disposal to achieve greater progress. At the same time, the new deployment of the national capital reform by the conference will boost the state-owned enterprises to the market more fully.

stimulates the vitality of the market, and should pay more attention to the development demands of private enterprises.

this meeting is clear, to support the development of private enterprises. Among them, "the implementation of the protection of the property rights policy", "discrimination according to law to correct the social reflection of strong disputes of property rights" and other expressions are particularly attracting attention.

persons perseverance. To perfect the system of property right protection and protect all kinds of property rights according to law is an important part of building modern economic system and improving socialist market economy system, and improving market participants' entrepreneurial vitality and willingness to invest.

"the influence of a case may be no less than a stack of documents." Wang Jun said that it is a substantive measure to implement the policy of protecting property rights by catching representative cases and correcting them according to law. It is of great significance to strengthen confidence and improve expectations for private entrepreneurs.

The key of

to stimulate the vitality of the market is to create a fair competitive environment.

wide sea diving, sky. The meeting is clear, fully implement and constantly improve the negative list system of market access, to eliminate discriminatory restrictions and all kinds of hidden barriers. Fair competition is a necessary prerequisite for the market mechanism to play its role. All kinds of market entities, including state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, are most eager for a stable, fair, transparent, legal and predictable business environment.

Liu Yuanchun, Vice Chancellor of the Renmin University of China, said that to stimulate the vitality of the market main body, it is necessary to give "a sense of fairness" to all kinds of market subjects. We should continue to deepen the reform of "tube clothes" and promote the construction of service-oriented government by taking the system of negative list as the breakthrough.

said the director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao the day before, to promote the reform of commercial systems to the depth and breadth of expansion breakthrough next year, market players to promote active development; in strengthening supervision to achieve new breakthroughs, to maintain fair competition in the market, to create a good market environment for the supply side structural reform.

stimulates the vitality of the market, and also pays attention to mobilizing and protecting the enthusiasm of the people.

people are the most active factor in productivity. The central economic work conference stressed that we should speed up the construction of a new relationship between the government and the government. The nineteen Party of the party put forward to stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, and encourage more social subjects to devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship.

"the micro body is dynamic, not only the enterprise has vitality, but also the key is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects of the business." Zhao Changwen, industry minister of economic affairs of the State Council Development Research Center, said that to promote the micro institutional innovation to build a new relationship between government and business, refine the transformation of scientific and technological achievements system mechanism, the formation of peace of mind, let entrepreneurs and technical personnel, let cadres heart wide development environment, let the entrepreneurial people heart hot heart. return to the Sohu, see more


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