After so many years of coffee, I knew that the best small coffee was in China.

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if we want to choose something that connects the past, the present and the future on the long road of life, coffee must be one of the choices.

or living in downtown area, or hidden in the deep, choose a small corner of the cafe, holding a delicate and elegant coffee cup, feeling delicate Lahua, dense foam, mellow coffee from the taste buds experience. Or through the bright windows, small dust coerced looking at the sun, the side of the road, pedestrians by twos and threes, or holding a store of carefully selected books, or indulge in a piece of music, feeling the coffee character and soul, and it brings small indeed fortunate and small beautiful.

December north, snow, and Yunnan in Baoshan, there is still a warm winter. Afternoon, a fine kettle mouth, a filter cup, a piece of paper, 32 friends, a favorite coffee, a sweet taste into the throat, attitudes of the world. It was a gentle extraction, a pious concentration, a journey of coffee.

Baoshan Coffee Festival, meet with every coffee you meet

Andy Andrews once said, "there will be at least two impulses in a man's life, a desperate love and a trip to walk." And for the coffee makers, you should add one more item, a trip to the coffee.

12 15 - 19 days, I ushered in "looking for the most beautiful China coffee line" activities in the winter, lujiangba Xinzhai acres coffee garden a tree flowers welcome friends, red beans passion bloom, unique mellow swing in the inside each cell opened up a coffee Carnival to you. In this year's "seeking the most beautiful coffee in China, Baoshan line", the 2017 Baoshan Coffee Culture Festival, participants in addition to experiencing the most authentic Yunnan little coffee, they also participated in the colorful local ethnic groups.

in the coffee cup brewed in the final product, the barista tricks of fancy coffee it is amazing. Every cup of fancy coffee is a good piece of art. A coffee cup, the cup surface area is limited, with the barista virtuosity, clever and creative "painting" the beauty of art, to integrate the confusion between.

coffee bean field picking activities, experience the original coffee bean baking technology, visit the civet coffee farms and Gaoligong Mountain Rural Cafe project is the first to allow participants to experience the unique charm of the most beautiful coffee ".

In addition to experiencing the coffee culture of Baoshan,

also arranged the national characteristics of the The Strip banquet, the local unique national culture exhibition and other special items, so that participants can roam in the coffee paradise, and fully feel the national customs and charm of Baoshan.

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