Kevin Tsai: effective time management makes a child a full of life

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original title: Kevin Tsai: effective time management makes children become a life filling person

Kevin Tsai is not only the host, he love writing and thinking, but also be learned in books. For a good book, it will be highly recommended. I have recommended time management methods on the variety show: wonderful flower theory, Aili's 34 gold coin management method, best seller writer Wu Dan's time management method and so on. He once said: effective time management can make children become a life filled person. It is not easy to achieve this "filling".

How can

make time manage such a profound thing, how can it become easier to understand? Look at this little story below:

imagine that you are a master of martial arts called Zhao San (your father and mother, martial arts, but not a name). The love of your life - Princess Mingyu - trapped in a burning building, you are now in the right way to save her.

you can think of Princess Minyu as your dream and ambition to be specific - she is the most important thing.

unfortunately, before you saved her, a charge was firing at you. These laser guns attract your attention. If you don't get away from them, you'll be dead. You may think that they are a very urgent thing on your way to save your princess on the road.

we all know how the hero solves this dilemma. If he shifted his attention from the ultimate goal, his princess, then all his other efforts would go to zero. He can resist this assault team and kill them very elegantly, but their number is endless. Temporary boycott is just distracting him. If the delay is too long, his princess will die.

this is your life. These most important things are buried in endless and urgent things:

The secret of

's time management is to be organized to force yourself to focus on the important things and to suppress the impulse for emergency. Humans are naturally concerned about things that need immediate response, such as homework, but those most important things will be delayed until they come back, such as reading and memorizing English. You need to reverse these two situations and resist the habits of your brain and human beings.

look back on what you are doing every day. I guess most of the things that you need to respond to are not what you choose. Here's how to solve this thing:

learns to refuse: most people are complying with a hidden social morality - when someone asks you to help, you always say - YES. This may sound very noble, but don't forget that a dying princess is waiting for you to help, because you can slow down if others ask you for help. You may need to sacrifice your social comfort to save your princess. The most rewarding thing is that people will have an instinctive respect for those who can refuse.

plan for your priorities: the most important thing to do first, what is the most important thing (not the most urgent) that you can do now? Do a part of it today. Remember, there is no end to the assault team that distracts you. Don't deceive yourself with the idea of "I will do these things first, and I will do the most important things later."

One of the tricks of

is to do 1 or 3 things a day and continue to work hard for it. Your brain doesn't like this limit, and others don't like it. But do it anyway. It's more efficient to put your attention on one thing than to do many things at the same time. Come out for a good time for a skilled job.

teaches a child to learn a good time management and to be a person with a full life. Just do the three steps:

1, time to feel is the most important point, and it is the foundation of everything.

is just like mathematics. It's because there is no sense of number. Chinese and English are not good, because there is no sense of language. A person is not good at managing time. We will say that there is no sense of time. There is no sense of time.

only has a sense of time and can perceive it subjectively, and can manage it.

and the sense of language, the same as the number sense, let the baby feel the time, it is best to start from the early childhood, and then the baby is recultivated, it will be difficult.

kindergarten stage

can jump a few minutes a minute, can walk a few steps / a few meters; can jump a few times; can read a few ancient poems? I can write a few words / figures. Please use your own imagination to create an activity

primary grade

(1), many computational problems: ready for a few minutes a day

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