"Runaway hero altar": this could be a "Buddha" warrior novice experience record

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original title: "runaway hero altar": this could be a "Buddha" warrior novice


Hello, my name is Bai Ma is an ordinary working people. As the birthplace of the asphalt road near the hospital just repaired, he gave me a common name "Bai horse", I think "kiriu go" this name is very ordinary, but it is a horse, the difference was obvious.

all right, I don't say any of those. My hobbies are martial arts and martial arts game on the game, if it is easier to play to sleep, recently got a called "runaway" game hero altar. Here, want to point a "Buddha" for this game, I love to describe the free arena heroes lead a fast road!

entered the game to be a famous woman identity, nameless heroes, get a name day after good shake all corners of the country. In view of what "Jianghu small shrimp", "heroes is me" this common name, have been accounted for (strange, mindless vulgar name always quickly occupied, I) in accordance with their own life instead of the literary point of the "white horse", the song did not sing "white horse drop from the clouds calm and clear, in any case the fortune teller must listen..." well, free distribution, in accordance with the general martial arts game routine, understanding is very important in the later stage, it is a gift!

as a knowledge of martial arts routines of the rivers and lakes are on the game player, the Buddha to revel in this money, possessions, not worth mentioning!

a common small village, a common generation of life, created a common "white white horse". Then a common "mysterious man" told me the bone marvel to send me a basic secret.

so in a full expression "value of tongue Yan village, I started with a look like crayon children after a few strokes, found... I was a really adorable new ah! I even a little fart beat ah! The nine word true words of the Buddha department are omitted here,

after the old woman taught me a house does not sweep sweep the world, so I help the elderly to sweep the earth, she is very dear to me when the repair, property and money. I am surprised to find that comes with a novice package, there are a lot of healing medicine, it can have little clout!

then I follow the task guide, go to tofu "Pan Xiaolian" territory, while the society I fix drugs side harassment lotus sister ". I think the first battle I have played well make a living away from home.

this river is very simple, as long as you follow the guide in the taskbar, you can find the direction of the next stop. All the NPC in the game can play with them, but usually the other is better than me. Of course, also a little good luck, can pick up the women chivalrous discarded props, so that marriage coincidentally to meet the women. You are love woman, jieruqiu, zhengyilinran, Wu Yi's superb heroes, in the course of contacts in the inside of my single problem will be solved, good good.

around for a while, I found healing medicine is really important, push the task can't learn new tactics, not to hang up tactics cannot experience what were not or experience of the knight and salted fish? Daily needs a roar at the sight of injustice of the task so much, do I only see other heroes on the name list in jump jump? The nine word true words of the Buddha department are omitted here,

well, Something is better than nothing. hanging line, a is not a day on the ground into a needle, must be steady, with both hands. So I then challenge the drugs are strong in my task NPC... Oh oh Yo Yo, not enough to take medicine drugs, drugs will have silver, silver from the task reward, this is a cycle of death! So I opened the novice, and found it started.

From: 《暴走英雄坛》:这可能是一个“佛系”的大侠新手历练记
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