Meizu mobile phone suspected of explosion in Hong Kong Airlines emergency shutdown

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original title: Meizu mobile phone suspected of explosion in Hong Kong Airlines emergency outage

11 Sept. 8, days before the media reported that the explosion caused a major mobile phone Meizu at Hongkong airport; according to a cargo Ming Chuan telegraph screenshot shows, Meizu mobile phone has been expressly prohibited.

11 month 7 days, according to market sources, Meizu mobile phone major explosion accident in Hongkong airport, according to the Hongkong air cargo station spokesman said, "SuperTerminal 1 a container cargo storage system in the fire" from the scene photos can also be seen on the ground. Things piled up his box Meizu mobile phone, it can be found the fire source is a mobile phone meizu.

after the accident, the airline quickly launched the emergency measures, in addition to mobile phone Meizu, related electronic products sales agent company and Limited by Share Ltd Baolong freight Limited delivery of goods at the same time, mobile phone lithium battery was included in the embargo list and Ningbo Veken battery production. And in the telegraph column found marked "urgent level". In addition, the South China Uni Airways Corporation Qingdao business department also issued a consistent content of the notice.

although the airline did not issue the fire identification of the accident, but the rapid implementation of the embargo, from the side proved that Meizu mobile phone may really be difficult to remove in this accident. As of press time, Meizu mobile official has not yet responded to this. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 魅族手机疑似在港爆炸 航空公司紧急停运
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