Anime "seven people magic" will adapt the game to the PC terminal / mobile terminal

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original title: Anime "seven man magic" will adapt the game to PC terminal / mobile phone terminal

recently, the anime "TRINITY SEVEN seven people magic" announced the game, the introduction of mobile phone and PC adapted games.

"TRINITY SEVEN seven" is the magic by cartoonist Nao Akira DS painting, Saito Kenji is responsible for the script of the comics, this was launched in 2012 2014 CD radio drama, broadcast TV animation.

, a mobile phone adapted from this work, and a PC to the game, are scheduled to be launched in 2018.

"TRINITY SEVEN seven" magic of the story mainly tells the protagonist spring new daily life, with a wondrous event called "collapse phenomenon", disappeared together with cousin in the holy spring domains.

In order to save

because of "collapse phenomenon" and the disappearance of the cousin, Wang Li into the new pipulia Academy student. It was unexpected, however, that there were seven beautiful maiden maidens, "TRINITY SEVEN", who waited for him with glamour, such as giant milk, double cauda, and glasses. In this way, sometimes the serious Magic Garden love comedy is officially opened. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 动漫《七人魔法使》将改编游戏 登录PC端/手机端
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