770 thousand per square meter, 271 yuan / g! It's not a house, it's not gold, it's a piece of iron.

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original title: 770 thousand / flat, 271 yuan / g! It's not a house, it's not gold, it's a piece of iron


sell 2 yuan of mineral water at the market price for 200 yuan?

a guy at the job marketing specialist post , the interviewer asked this question is stupid, do not know how to answer.

where people will spend 200 yuan to buy a bottle of mineral water? Of course, it is the most water - deficient place in the world.


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, then, can a piece of iron sell the gold price? The answer is yes, and Shenzhen has done it.

yesterday (December 25th), a weight of about 350 grams of iron sheet sold a high price of 95103 yuan, that is, 271 yuan per gram, and today, the gold price of Shanghai gold exchange is exactly 271 yuan / gram.

, but this is not the ordinary iron, but the license plate of the Cantonese B.

Cantonese B license plate auction average of 95 thousand

12 25 p.m. 3 p.m., Shenzhen 2017, the twelfth phase of the car incremental index ended. according to the latest auction results, the personal license plate the lowest closing price of 82500 yuan / month, compared with the previous period increased 3300 yuan ; the average transaction price of 95103 yuan / month, compared with 82534 yuan last year, an increase of 12569 yuan, compared with January of this year increased by 149.5%

was also compared to Shenzhen's license plate price and Shenzhen house price. If in accordance with the calculation, the current vehicle license plate dimension license and blue card is 440mm * 140mm, two a car license plate, the area is 0.1232 square meters, down conversion, plate price reached 771 thousand and 900 yuan / square meters, is the most expensive tin".

, in this period, allocated 3370 incremental indicators to individuals and units in a competitive bidding manner. It is understood that in December, the maximum number of individual targets in December has been increased by 27 indicators than in November.

despite the addition of some of the indicators, this phase of the car incremental index is still very fierce. The announcement shows that in this period, there are 7675 individuals and 1654 units in the valid code for qualification examination. In the final number of effective encodings involved in bidding, 4392 individuals and 741 units. In the transaction code, there are 2968 individuals and 402 units.


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, in fact, the lowest transaction price and the average transaction price of the license plate of Guangdong B have reached eleven consecutive rise, especially after August 2017, the price of the license plate of Guangdong Province increased by 10000 yuan. in the eighth phase of this year's auto incremental index competition, the average transaction price of individual is only 51282 yuan / , which means that in just four months, the average selling price of Guangdong B license plate has increased by over 85%.

" has an analysis that the price of Shenzhen license plate continues to rise rapidly, which is related to the expansion of Shenzhen's "restricted order" in August this year. in accordance with the policy, since August 21st, non deep plate passenger vehicles in the peak period of the line area, from the original SAR + part of the original SAR area "to expand the scope to Shenzhen (except for part of the road, airport highway and port of import and export), the outer limit of time is still working day early peak (7 - 9 points) and evening peak (17:30 - 19:30).

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that Shenzhen license plate can only be transferred between husband and wife, between immediate family members, but it can not be resale.

First Super Shanghai brand "the most expensive iron"

look at the personal license price of Guangzhou Shenzhen four first-tier cities: Beijing's brand, is that money can not solve things, only Yaohao; Shanghai license plate auction price of 92848 yuan; and yesterday (December 25th), Guangzhou city personal car

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