Let the people to carry on the "black tear"

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original title: moreish "black tear"

creative person was only 5% in 2017.

this year is really restless for a year, greatly small marketing events experienced a lot of hot occasion as surge high and sweep forward. In this year, the advertisers regard self mockery as a regular meal.


" rising year by year except for weight, it is estimated that only the hairline. "

"from the media dog disease: clear forwarded his article to the circle of friends" this article! ""


" the enthusiasm of Party B, and the many helplessness of Party A, all originate from the wonderful work of the boss. "

so in the coming 2018, we want to do something for the advertisers.

thinking, perhaps the most unique way is to help you record a full year course.

, so we looked for nearly 100 senior professionals in the industry. They raised the most professional creative content, and put all the truth of your unknown industry and the real feelings of creative people into this black box.

a small black book, the epitome of the creative person for 365 days.


that's right! This nice's little black book comes out for second seasons,

this season we no longer focus on the tearing idea

instead of a new Slogan:

creative people's spiritual single grain

is tasty and tasty, and keeps fresh for a long time,


Advertising door 2018 exclusive, small black book second quarter

's unique bag of potato chips symbolizes the food of the creative people,

accurately feed you in the hard work of 2017.

366 days of dry goods, dry out this bag, 2018 full blood resurrection!

We come so you

second season's little black book in the original content of last year,

added party a return / weekly transport / pattern interactive

and ingeniously catered to every hot spot in 2018!

remove the multifarious sense of ritual, and "play" with the small black book.

We come so you

the wish has been reached this year.

From: 让人欲罢不能的“黑撕”
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