Tomorrow breakfast, eat this bowl of warm and fragrant chicken soup wonton!

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, on the winter morning, the happiest thing is to get a bowl of steaming ravioli after getting up. In a moment, it feels full of vitality. The cold wind outside and the busy day are not so terrible. To

today to bring you a little trouble with meat and vegetable food, balanced nutrition and feed the chicken foot Pork and Vegetable Wonton Soup, is listening to the name feel very hungry? Make the wonton and chicken soup ready in advance, second days in the morning can be quickly eaten, super happiness to

chicken soup meat wonton


by a cup of milk green

. Main material.

pork, 300g


, green vegetables

chicken, half

, 15g

fungusLily, 15g

ginger 8g


, Chinese wolfberryRed dates, 5


, wonton skin

. Ingredients.

salt, 5g


in oyster sauce

wine, 10ml


in soy sauce

, the amount of sesame oil

beef powder, 5g

Pepper, 5g

. Practice.

1. is ready to wash half a chicken, and then boil it over the water. It can be boiled and boiled. It's OK to cook it directly.

2. prepares wolfberry, red date, ginger slices. The wood and yellow flowers are well treated.

3. prepare a casserole, put the chicken in, add a sand pot of hot water, and then put red dates, wolfberry, ginger slices. If the chicken is raw, it will be cool.

4. start the fire and start boiling. Boil it and turn it into a small pot for about an hour, then add the dried mushrooms and day lily, and cook for about half an hour.

5. can package wonton soup. Clean the vegetables, boil the water and remove the smell of the soil.

6. chop meat stuffing with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, beef powder, stir up in the same direction. Can add some ginger, not like or omission.

7. green vegetables are squeezed out of water by hand and cut into a meat filling.

8. when stirred evenly, pour some oil and stir a few more.

9. bag wonton. Put the stuffing in the middle of the wonton skin.

10. is a discount.

11. is folded again, and then the two sides of the inner layer are squeezed in the left and right directions.

12. does not stick with water.

13. wrap all the wontons.

14. boiled underwater wonton, the good wonton fish out in the bowl, then poured chicken soup, and then fish some dishes. Add a moderate amount of salt to taste.


do not have to add too much material, pay attention to the weather, wonton in the green vegetables do not need to be cut too broken.

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