The spring festival tourism promotion | do not forget to buy buy buy, look at the Raiders can save money

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original title: promotion | Spring Festival travel do not forget to buy buy buy, look at the Raiders can save


is still a few days away from New Year's day, I believe that many of you are like your mother-in-law. has been in the mood for vacation. has been flying all the way to the Spring Festival.

from the last call for submission, Matera is the main destination.

warm weather, beautiful scenery, buy buy buy is also very strong! Watch the mother-in-law take to save money and take care of the machine .


, Singapore

the busiest place in Singapore is the of the Wu Jie Lu business circle.

a long shopping street, I was impressed with the lights over there last time.

big shopping mall gathering, one day can not finish at all.

want to buy cosmetics, Japanese skincare brand Takashimaya first floor a lot, you can find lots of Japanese shopping are not grab the net Honghuo.

a little expensive energy-saving card, can go to the BELLE Metro inside the palace Meiluo see.

weekend often has a full range of 20 percent off preferential activities, to buy La Mer, La Prairie, SK-II what is not too cost-effective.

(pictures from the public comments netizen crayon Xiaowen sub


a little parity in European and American make-up, can go to ION to see.

which is full of Singapore's largest Sephora, European and American brands of cosmetics super complete.

also, from now until the end of February next year, where the UnionPay card in 62 at the beginning of the ION Orchard consumption reached 1500 of the new currency, you can receive an additional 40 new currency coupon (week 80).

consumes 5000 new coins, and can also be given the airport shuttle service of the luxury car, and the paid lady is treated properly.

love the big bag, you can go to the - Ngee Ann City Hermes, Chanel, LV, Loewe and other famous actors.

even has the only Goyard and Roger Viver in Singapore, which is quite complete.

wants to buy large clothes, make sure to go to the collection shop Club 21.

from the Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim such European and American wind to Kenzo, Lssey Miyake, such as Japanese fan children are sold, brand is really a lot.

brush 62 at the beginning of the UnionPay card, you can also enjoy all the positive price 9 discount discount. (to show a foreign passport and a UnionPay card issued by Singapore).

all the Swiss Watch Gallery stores in Singapore have a UnionPay card discount if they are interested in the rival list, and they are now getting more affordable.

From now until June 30th next year,

will spend 3000 new coins in the 62 initial UnionPay card, and reduce the 150 new currency , which is equivalent to 750 yuan in the province. (need to verify the use of Swiss Watch Gallery "excellent plan" coupons)

In addition to buying and buying

, Wu Jie road is also very suitable for to eat all day.

is the most famous characteristic snack in Singapore, the toast ice cream, and the most famous of the orchard road.

this is the durian taste I bought, 1.2 new coins, equivalent to RMB six yuan, the taste is good!

eat a snack, don't forget to eat a good meal.

For example, Michelin

star Jin ban on sushi , is one of the top two Tokyo sushi Jin ban faction faction. Not only have to swallow your tongue delicious sushi restaurant service, also make people satisfied.

has two branches in Singapore, which are located at the Rigi Hostellerie and China town on URU Road, respectively.

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