The 8 most common eating methods of common vegetables, you must have eaten it!

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original title: the 8 major eating methods of common vegetables, you must have eaten it!

in recent years, green diet and vegetarianism have gradually become popular.

although often eat vegetables, but do you know?

eating vegetables is really great!

to eat vegetables to avoid these misunderstandings

eat too much spinach

spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid, not too much to eat. Oxalic acid can generate calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate in calcium and zinc, which affect the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestine, and lead to calcium deficiency and zinc deficiency, which can lead to bone and tooth dysplasia, and also affect intelligence development.


, not cooked bean sprout

leek has been stored for long after cooked

leek into poison overnight. Leek is best to eat now, not long. If it is stored too long, a large amount of nitrate in the leek will turn into nitrite and cause a toxic reaction. In addition, people with dyspepsia can not eat leeks.

green leafy vegetable

cooked for a long time

green leafy vegetables should not be cooked for a long time when cooking, otherwise the nitrate in vegetables will turn to nitrite, which is likely to cause food poisoning.

often eats tomato

before dinner

tomatoes, these substances easily reacts with the acid, condensed into insoluble bulk material, these substances may block the gastric outlet blocked, so that the stomach pressure increases, causing the stomach to expand, or even a sharp pain. In the meal to eat tomatoes, after mixing the acid with food, greatly reduced the concentration of acid, they will not form lumps.

letinous edodes is too clean or soaked in water for

letinous edodes will lose a lot of nutrients if it is overwashed or soaked in water before eating. When cooking mushrooms, you can't use the iron pot or the copper pot, so as not to cause the loss of nutrition.

overdose of carotene

although carotene on the human body to be of great advantage, but drinking too much carrots or tomatoes vegetable juice, carrot may cause blood, facial and hand skin becomes orange yellow, there will be loss of appetite, mental state is not stable, irritability and other adverse reactions.



beans vegetable

the seeds and pollen of the broad bean contain a nesting glycoside, known as Vicia toxin, which destroys red blood cells. When people eat fried faba bean, it can induce hemolytic anemia, this is the famous "Vicia bean disease". So it must be cooked and cooked thoroughly.


potato vegetable

because the potato vegetable contains poisonous glycosides, so it is not suitable for eating raw. Cassava contains cyanogenic glycosides, without soaking cooked, after eating there will be students hydrogen cyanide poisoning.

potato contains solanine (Long Kuijian), in the high content of light greenish cortex, can be 10 times higher than normal tubers, even after cooking is not destroyed, so the germination of potato can not eat.


, a vegetable rich in nitrates

spinach, mustard and other vegetables are rich in nitrate. Nitrate itself is very toxic to the human body, but it will change into nitrite and nitrogen in the gastrointestinal tract under the action of microbes in the human body.

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