1 bottles of shampoo soap =3, "Macarons" oil control anti alopecia small expert!

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original title: 1 pieces of =3 soap shampoo, "Macarons" oil control anti alopecia small expert!

the half of the half of the day before the half of the fire through the half of the head, you know that the first edition of this thing you know?

that is the "Princess meatball head" will not be like a half ball head, combed a second to change "Dao Gu".

Princess meatball looks more natural, maiden or Cougar can control, as well as lovable and sexy.

looking sexy Fan Ye know, not only have no sense of violation, but more of a special kind of cute and sexy with temperament.

even the power of "hairline break through the sky", also immediately changed to the princess meatball head, which perfectly solved the problem of sparse volume.

so, to see people look first face, temperament depends on hair style. No matter whether men and women prefer elegant and fluffy hair, no one likes the "Mediterranean". But the amount of hair, hair oil, hairdresser can do nothing! The hair is always flat and collapsing, and how the concave shape is blue and thin ~

II is the sister paper of their broken heart, finally found a can properly save oily hair,

anti hair hair thickening of the East, the important thing is to save the skyline of the hairline oh ~



don't look at a small piece. It can be equivalent to 3 bottles of 250g shampoo, and it can be used about 80 times.

and its family but famous famous ~



by the people of the world

II first found it when I really thought it was a snack, a variety of colors of the shampoo soap together, really like a Macarons (chowhound nature exposed). A careless eating is not good, ah ha ha ~

anyone entering a LUSH store will mistakenly think of entering a dessert store. The composition of the soap and shampoo soap is natural and the appearance of the appearance, so it has been loved by the people of the world. The American singer Madonna, Julia Roberts mouth beauty are the loyal fans.


a number of overseas special cabinet, popular all over the world. Lush's natural products have been warmly welcomed in many countries, with more than more than 370 overseas branches, which can be seen in many countries.


then who is the king of the LUSH family? Of course, the new little red hat shampoo soap, the most famous effect is to prevent hair loss. Of course, the cleaning ability is also very good is called the oil control and prevention of hair loss!

composition natural, face value explosion table

"little red hat" is so popular that it is due to his natural formula.

nettles and Mint: deep cleansing function, simultaneously germicidal, tonic scalp and adjustment of oil secretion.

cinnamon leaf and rosemary: hair follicle stimulating active rehabilitation.

lilac essential oil: promoting blood circulation.

From: 1块皂=3瓶洗发水,“马卡龙”级控油防脱发小能手!
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